WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny December 2007 - July 2008
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Afghanistan: Prison sentences of up to 20 years rub salt into wounds of female victims of male rape 3213
India: Campaign of misogynic objections to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 4321
Australia: Father of two girls raped by priest demands morally bankrupt Pell begs forgiveness 3600
Iraq: Women live in terror as result of Bush Jnr’s cowardly invasion & subsequent sectarian chaos 3092
Afghanistan: Malalai Joya’s ousting from country's "Zoo Parliament“ unconstitutional 2853
UK: Prison system a trashcan persecuting some of country's most damaged & vulnerable women 5823
Pakistan: Dr. Zakia Zeba Abidi, brilliant feminist scholar, brutally murdered 4195
India: Right to education advocated to combat toothless laws failing the girl child 2756
Pakistan: Girl child faces death, neglect, disadvantage & exploitation from womb to adolescence 7952
India: Neither caste, colour, region or religion barriers to abortion of females in Jammu-Kashmir 2524
Nepal: Women deprived of political & economic clout subsist in climate of horrific male violence 5871
India: In globalised era, growing malevolence against women transcends class, caste & region 3040
US: Women reduced to sexual commodities in men's porn world, even by Toronto Star columnist 4379
Afghanistan: Post-Bush Jnr's invasion, women & girls remain slaves for men to abuse &/or sell 1848
India: Loss of ethics & values the root cause of escalating, chiefly male, violence against women 2366
Third Millennium Beauty Myths: Cosmetic mutilations in the name of female empowerment 4241
India: 941,000 females "missing" from Karnataka mainly due to poor health care & foeticide 2317
Australia: Lethal violence against females off to a flying start in 2008 3218
India: Taslima, persecuted & silenced, bravely faces extremists to stay where she belongs 2486
India: Women's empowerment a tragic joke in a land failing to protect women against violence 3455
India: Phenomenal [read *atrocious*] rise in violence against women in the past two decades 2109
Iraq: Post-Bush Jnr's invasion, armed militiamen turn Basra into a brutal killing field for women 2465
Northern India: Females an endangered species as sex ratio continues to plummet 4703
Iraq: Women's daily rapes, burnings and murders make a mockery of Bush Jnr's farcical claims 2626
India: History repeats in religious fundamentalists' cowardly persecution of Taslima Nasreen 5361
Haiti: In a hell crippled by poverty & torn by gang violence, rape damages a generation of women 4588
India: 35,000 females trafficked into sex slavery, & as cure for AIDS, from Bangla & Nepal per year 1991
UK: Govt inquiry into flourishing girl child trafficking amid fears of 2012 Games sex trade spree 2137
Kashmir-Jammu: Women bear the brunt of conflict's violence, & demand integral role in peace process 2004