Joseph Ratzinger: From Nazi youth to Panzer Cardinal to a treacherous Benedict XVI January - July 2008
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Benedict XVI: Double insult of Indigenous Grandmas: Unanswered 2005 letter, cancelled 2008 audience 2891
Benedict XVI: Despite Church's role in abuse of First Australians, WYD arrival for whites-only 2443
Benedict XVI: On eve of WYD Papal visit, Cardinal Pell's pathetic excuses prompt resignation calls 5619
Benedict XVI: Sticking with misogyny which ousts women priests & any involved in their ordination 2130
Benedict XVI: Hobnobbing with Bush Jnr’s war criminals & torturers, but stumm about the war 2494
Benedict XVI: Bush Jnr's thanks, a la gigantic 81st birthday bash, for second term in White House 2660
Benedict XVI: Rubs salt to wounds, placing Church & own "suffering" ahead of sexual abuse victims' 2591
Benedict XVI: In damage control [again] to appease tensions over Good Friday slur during US visit 2603
Benedict XVI: Time to ditch that Santa Claus hat, and bright red Prada loafers 3209
Benedict XVI: Gung ho for Franco's poodles, but still kowtowing to Beijing with the Dalai Lama 3692
Benedict XVI: Warns flock against consumerism, but Prada-Gamarelli indulgences for self and red hats 6216
Benedict XVI: Reminders of the relevance of peace from Islamic scholars 2910
Benedict XV1: Mired in the past, & lacking Amnesty International's courage & compassion on abortion 3136
Benedict XV1: Regurgitating the myopic mistakes of the 16th Century Council of Trent in 2007 2953
Benedict XVI: From Nazi-passive youth, to intolerance of all but Catholic Christianity in 2007 3573
Benedict XVI: Fashion & luxury for him; archaic Mass stigmatising Jews & others for his flock 4297
Benedict XVI: Misgivings about BLiar's past, but "lauding" dumped PM's delusions in the wing 3181
Benedict XVI: Trading gifts & sharing "secrets" with Fascist US President 2819
Benedict XVI: Stealthily withdraws 2006 slap in the face to Islam and other world religions 2521
Benedict XV1: No apology for insult to Latin American Indians, nor any mention of ... 3021
Benedict XV1: Exposing his ignorance of history & insulting Latin American Indians in Brazil 2742
Benedict XV1: Active, and unsilenced, liberation theology movement awaits in Brazil 2420
Benedict XV1: 2 years down the track, God's Rottweiler now a "dog-bites-man" pope 2901
Benedict XV1: Minor compared with Regensberg and Kerala inaccuracies, but astray again in new book 2355
Benedict XVI: Laments worldwide suffering at Easter, but stumm on girls abused by his own charge 2943
Benedict XVI: Unable to move with the times back in 1997, & still clinging to the past in 2007 2076