Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest June - December 2008
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India: Muslim women from urban Andhra Pradesh depart poverty when given access to credit 2527
India: Amidst Mumbai bloodbath lives at rail station less media-important than those at luxury Taj 3523
India: To ape Bush Jnr’s 9/11 response against Pakistan would knock at the doors of insanity 3054
Washington DC: Fast track Obama and ditch Bush Jnr's incompetent - borderline criminal - bailout 2412
US: A strong feminine influence behind the Barack Obama victory the peace-loving world applauds 2932
US: Bush Jnr fascists hastening to further wreck the environment, civil liberties & abortion rights 2337
Rwanda: Women driving the economy and filling ranks of Government 3914
Australia: John Howard-Philip Ruddock "Pacific Solution" a death sentence for Afghan asylum seekers 3451
Burma: On the 13th Anniversary of her detention, esteem for Aung San Suu Kyi grows still stronger 2361
IWMF: 2008 Courage Awards to brave women journalists from Afghanistan, Burma and Cyprus 3038
UK: Women Against Rape condemn Dame Helen Mirren & Criminal Justice System's "rape tolerance" 3836
India: Deccan Development Society launches Asia’s first all-women community radio station 2257
US: By silencing Brooksley Born’s Economic Wisdom, Greenspan & Co‘s arrogance created credit chaos 8062
2008 Reach All Women in War's Anna Politkovskaya Award to Afghanistan's Malalai Joya 2867
Father of all bailouts for capitalism’s greediest, but zilch [SFA] for the global starving 2485
2008 Right Livelihood Awards to champions of indept journalism, peace-building & social justice 3230
US: Sept 27 - Nov 17, 2008, Haymarket Books-sponsored "Resisting Empire Tour" by acclaimed authors 2545
US: "The Bailout", a cooked up “no choice” emergency to enact fascist economic policies 2551
Afghanistan: Time to dump the dumb aid-agency strategies spreading poverty and insecurity 2457
Afghanistan: Malalai Joya’s hopes & fears living under US-sponsored warlords & puppet Karzai 2748
Afghanistan: Brave women defy all odds to exhibit their abstract & contemporary art in India 3187
India: Thousands of abducted children annually trafficked in guise of adoption or into sex trade 4626
Australia: High Court ruling gives surety & confidence to women prosecuting against sex slavery 2293
India: The military occupation of Kashmir makes monsters of us all 1588
August 6, 2008: Memories of Hiroshima/Nagasaki remind that Bush Jnr & cronies are also war criminals 9623
India: Quest for economic & nuclear power, demotes human dignity to national back burner 2083
Burma: Women's equality hindered by Junta’s ousting of women from politics & cultural patriarchy 3454
Egypt: Sons & daughters of the poorest exploited & poisoned in country's mainstay cotton industry 4008
Afghanistan: Bush Jnr's "other war" of spiralling violence, loss of security & dignity for civilians 2129
World Youth Day: Shamed Catholic Church in damage control, further tainted by Pell-auxiliary Bishop 2402
Iran: A Tehran awash with US goods exposes hypocrisy of Bush Jnr trade sanctions 1322
India: Bhopal's long suffering victims of Union Carbide disaster still fobbed off at every level 3419
Haiti: Under occupation by US surrogates, denial of food & potable water ensures lives of misery 2429
Iraq: Taken to the cleaners for its oil by Bush Jnr and his corporate cronies 2077
UK: Exhibition by 6 London-based women artists marks 80th anniversary of 1928 Equal Franchise Act 2860
Philippines: Bush Jnr-sponsored Arroyo regime guilty of gross & systematic abuse of human rights, 2855
India: Gay Pride hits the streets of Delhi, Bangalore & Kolkata to overturn 19th-century's prejudice 7089
UN Security Council: The farce of Condoleezza Rice leading debate on rape as a weapon of war 2447
Burma: Yellow roses mark the beginning of Suu Kyi‘s 64th year, as junta brutalises her well-wishers 2048
Australia: Federal Govt awards $2M to anti-war, anti-discrimination, pro-migrant Women Activists 2160
India: WB hoists poisonous fertilisers on Third World farmers perpetuating agricorporate violence 3530
Book Review: Perfect Hostage: A Life of Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's Prisoner of Conscience 3357
Egypt: Double feminist victory with enacted laws against female circumcision & under 18 yrs marriage 3184