WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny July 2008 - November 2009
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India: One in 70 females set to die from a 65 per cent preventable pregnancy-related issue 2654
US: Lesson #1 at Boston’s School for Johns - When you solicit sex, that’s someone’s daughter 3855
India: Girls & women from a majority of country's districts trafficked into sex industries 2597
Australia: Women can forget about merit to make it on to ‘boards‘. Nothing beats being a man 2845
Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega’s new abortion ban sold women out for sake of right-wing Christian votes 3774
India: Raped tribal women betrayed & abandoned by National Human Rights Commission 5602
Honduras: Military coup leaves women at risk of arrest, disappearance, home raids, dis-employment 3999
Australia: Malalai Joya addresses the life & death feminism under Afghanistan's rule of fear 2627
France: Sarkozy's "burqa bashing" exploits Muslim women’s bodies for his anti-Islam political agenda 8620
China: One child policy-linked theft of children swings from boys to girls 4874
US: Clinton, Gates-led "Good Club" spouts population control misogyny to curb climate change 3552
Fiji: Women seek implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 to restore their multi-racial democracy 4843
Iraq: Victims of cowardly US-led coalition air raids 39 per cent children & 46 per cent women 3167
Pakistan: Honour Killing books reveal a face of patriarchy with inherent violence against women 4499
Afghanistan: Karzai joins the Taliban, tribal structures, & the West in denying women dignity 2903
UK: In the South-East female unemployment up by 141% in 2008 & by 39% in January 2009 2435
Switzerland: Davos 2009 devoid of women while men dither to solve man-made economic chaos 2514
UK: Pernicious myth of men getting fleeced by divorce exposed by ex-wives' poverty 3306
India: 78000 maternal deaths annually due to abysmal rural health care, child marriage & poor diet 2405
North India: Police part of VAW as assault & murder of women, & female foeticide rises 2372
Pakistan: Swat Taliban ban female education and personal & professional freedom under pain of death, 6063
US: Economic crash deepens domestic violence peril of women & children 4073
Pakistan: Women "routine" victims of domestic violence, but Domestic Violence Bill remains delayed 3924
Pakistan: Mothers dying like animals & buried as unceremoniously as when they are born 4172
Malaysia: Threatened with prison under Mahathir for 1995 truth, Irene Fernandez vindicated in 2008 3620
Afghanistan: Victims, most women & children, of Bush Jnr-imposed militarism & Taliban resurgence 2115
Pakistan: Outrage as notorious misogynists elevated to Ministers in Coalition Government 2309
Afghanistan: Amidst the trappings of globalised modernity, pregnancy still slaying women like flies 2591
Burma: Post-cyclone Nargis catastrophe, men rape, rob & murder Delta women 3175
Afghanistan: RAWA continues underground efforts to combat Bush Jnr’s failed "liberation" of females 2428
Pakistan: Honour murders, defended by legislator in name of tradition, the tip of misogynist iceberg 3403
Burma: Forced to immigrate, Kachin women, some as young as 14, trafficked as brides into China 2479
Wimbledon 2008: Even as the Williams sisters again reign supreme, male chauvinism prevails 2657
UK: Brothels provide thousands of trafficked females to meet booming numbers of men after paid sex 7523
Burma: Women's League calls for criminal prosecution of junta for conscripting women as sex slaves 2294
Ethiopia: Bush Jnr ally Govt executes burnt earth, rape & starvation war against Ogaden civilians 2446
Iran: Morality savages whitewash their deadly torture of Ms Bani Yaghoub as suicide 3129
Move over truth! Women are the first casualties of war! 3378
Afghanistan: Women & girls left with fiery option to escape the violence & make voices heard 4593
Turkey: Directorate for religious affairs, Diyanet, spews the ridiculous on women's morality 5020
Burma: National & international outrage as Junta illegally extends Aung San Suu Kyi's incarceration 2175
US: Neglect of sexually assaulted women soldiers despite 9-fold increase in post-traumatic stress 2674
Human Rights Watch New York: Afghan MP Malalai Joya’s suspension illegal 2342
Iraq: Male “kiss & tell” bragging via cell phone-cameras fuels honour killing epidemic 2667
India: Haryana's murders in the name of honour propped up by State silence & Public fear 2821
India: Govt failing to target medical fraternity violating sex-selective abortion law with impunity 5373
Mexico: Patriarchy renders 2007 Federal Law to protect women against male violence toothless 4627
Yemen: Where females are the abused illiterate sex and domestic slaves of men 6409
Iraq: Bush Jnr's war in the name of "Women's Liberation" leads to barbaric male assault of women 3754
Afghanistan: Pre-2001 Taliban flogged women. Today Bush Jnr’s Northern Alliance proxies rape women 7109