International Women's Day 2009
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India: A major destination & transit point for the 10,000 women & children sucked into slavery daily 2588
Afghanistan: 8 years post-Bush Jnr's invasion, women and girls remain deprived of basic human rights 2601
US: Gap in poverty rates between men & women wider than anywhere else in the Western world 2714
India: The same issues that moved women to rally in 1910 resonate globally in 2009 2665
Britain: Westminister’s females fail to inspire the coming generation of women to enter politics 2607
Haiti: Government inertia towards poverty-stricken young girls & women raped by criminal gangs 5154
India: Women subjected to unconscionable levels of male violence, both on the street & domestically 2548
Pakistan: Talibanization another repugnant episode in the history of the nation's women 2494