The Global Struggle for Farmers' Rights, Food Security, Women's Livelihoods January - October 2008
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While billions condemned to starvation & death, Bush Jnr’s spin hides corporate roots of food crises 3089
India: Farmers call for moratorium on GM-crops & & end to Govt pampering of agri-business corporates 2233
India: Nalgonda farmers vote for traditional agriculture, opposing Govt push for GM-crops 3478
India: Evidence from Bt Cotton illustrates contamination from GM crops inevitable 7646
India: Biofuels to Deliver or Destroy? Crops for Food or Crops for Cars? 3278
India: Farmers or FIIs? The Bt cotton question has to be framed this way 2738
Australia: Independence of Sir Gus Nossal challenged as food giant joins demand to maintain GM ban 2507
UK: Despite BLiar's spouted GM-neutrality, Govt granted UK50m for biotech-agri, 1.6m for organic 2461
India: Genetic Engineering Approval Committee cops SC contempt notice for new GM-crop trials 3811
India: Govt making a mockery of Gandhi's name while surrendering farmers to corporate interests 2620