Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest January - November 2009
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2009 Inspirations: Feminists Malalai Joya and Amy Goodman prominent as dark decade closes 2231
Ireland: Dan Foley fan club, legitimised by Fr. Seán Sheehy, enough to make the Taliban envious 3200
Sweden: 2009 Alternative Nobels to Australian-born physician Catherine Hamlin & 3 VIP activists 2881
Germany: Bremen Peace Awards to Australia’s Sue Gilbey, Bulgarian NGOs & Bishop Rubin Phillip 4247
Australia: Courageous author & film-maker John Pilger awarded the 2009 Sydney Peace Prize 2975
Sweden: Elinor Ostrom wins the 2009 Nobel for her Community-based Environmental Economics 2441
Canada: Launch of vital resource - Feminist Analysis and Information on Interlocking Global Crises 2435
Russia: Impunity granted "journalist slayers" makes complete farce of universal human rights 2561
UK: The personal becomes women’s base for leadership in campaigns for truth, justice & social change 2522
Afghanistan: Fraudulent counting in an election which failed to include a significant womens’ vote 2629
Afghanistan: Karzai’s dance with brutal warlords, fundamentalists & the corrupt denies democracy 3052
India: Vandana Shiva on the relevance of Gandhi’s civil disobedience to fight present day injustices 3682
Africa: Aided by IMF-World Bank collusion, multinationals paying close to nothing for their looting 4717
Kenya: Main purpose of Truth Justice & Reconciliation Commission to sweep crimes under the carpet 2540
Japan: Messages for a peaceful future 64 years post-the Hiroshima & Nagasaki nuclear atrocities 3480
UK: LC Joe Glenton's brave voice deserving a gold medal but instead heading for a court martial 3099
UK: Harriet Harman MP gives governmental and financial patriarchy a richly-deserved roast 2830
Dublin: Tributes flow as Amnesty International names Aung San Suu Kyi 2009 Ambassador of Conscience 3066
UK: A first hand glimpse of Afghanistan's bravest woman, Malalai Joya, turns public vote 3995
India: Open letter setting the Minister for Health straight on the long-disproven 'Population Bomb' 2460
UK: Malalai Joya exposes the misery & injustices imposed by US-led NATO forces on Afghanistan 2029
India: New spate of acid attacks on women foreshadows move to specify minimum 7 year prison sentence 3675
Afghanistan: US military, N. Alliance warlords & Taliban extremists, a triple barrier to democracy 2808
Iran: A time for hate-obsessed neo-cons, staining an inspiringly brave uprising, to butt out! 1374
Vietnam: 36 year-old US promises for human & environmental Agent Orange war crimes still unmet 1686
Burma: UN SC inertia as military rapes, murders, tortures and enforces labor in 190-plus villages 1653
Burma: Global Outrage over Suu Kyi’s latest persecution set to turn into Global Hypocrisy 1425
UN: Nobel Peace Laureates demand freedom for Aung San Suu Kyi & all fellow political prisoners 1975
US: Drawing lines in the sand & holding Obama accountable in the search for Reproductive Justice 1534
Radio Free Europe: Dr.Anarkali Honaryar, women’s rights activist, named Afghan Person Of The Year 2562
UK: Obscene greed in political corridors turns Westminster into a trough to make 4-legged pigs sick 2370
Iceland: Voters reward Johanna Sigurdardottir’s feminist leadership on economics & paid sex 3428
Afghanistan: Malalai Joya, supreme feminist courage in the face of War Lord, Taliban & US perils 4109
Medical Research: Delaying menopause - another perilous ploy to justify the stem cell market 2524
Easter 2009: Heir-apparents to the Throne of Peter echo Benedict XVI's flawed condom gospel 2698
North India: US missiles in Afghanistan suspected source of uranium in children with deformities 2166
Afghanistan: Unlike Taliban atrocities, US ‘liberating missile bloodbaths' hidden from world eyes 3661
UK: Outstandingly researched Shock Doctrine wins Naomi Klien the inaugural Warwick award 2310
Iceland: Women adopt core principles of feminist economics to undo the man-made financial crisis 4057
Iraq: $50-125bn earmarked for reconstruction landed in US military & contractor pockets 1444
Switzerland: Davos 2009 sticks with aggressive male economic gospel to repair the man-made mess 2184
Iceland: Time arrives for brilliant Johanna Sigurdardottir to take the nation's reins 2716
Gaza: With US complicity, Israel inflicts terror reminiscent of regimes which dare not be named 1915
Melbourne: Thousands condemn Israel’s genocidal litany of war against Palestinians in Gaza 1948
Gaza: Horrific war injuries to civilian adults & children in numbers almost too large to comprehend 3436
Gaza: Added to Israel’s 2007 blockade, current military assault catastrophic for civilian survival 2213
Turkey: Middle East’s First Ladies call for Israel to halt military invasion & blockade in Gaza 1982
Manila: Isis International echoes global call for women to build a just Palestinian-Israeli Peace 1769
Israel: Women’s Organisations demand peace and an end to missiles & tools of death 1706
Israel, India and the US: Sanitising their killing fields in the name of "surgical strikes" 1945