International Women's Day 2011
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Finland: An exhibition of Women’s Rooms celebrates a century striving for female equity 1726
Côte d'Ivoire: Further bloodshed as women march to denounce Laurent Gbagbo as an assassin & thief 2081
Ireland: Feminists highlight gender inequity in politics & hidden scourge of domestic violence 2069
Burma: Junta-backed courts & women’s groups blamed for failing to improve women’s lives 1671
Iran: Feminist activists risk death marching for the release of human rights lawyer Nasrin Soutadeh 2158
India: Millions of underweight and anaemic girls still destined for marriage and childbirth 1807
Canada: Honouring feminist trail blazers while admitting the struggle is nowhere near won 2727
Australia: G-G Quentin Bryce calls for goals & targets to break the old boy’s business network 1574
Afghanistan: Women wary as US-led invaders shift priorities away from women’s liberation 2107
100 Living women giants providing their shoulders for today's & future generations of feminists 2245