Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest January - December 2010
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Israel: Women’s truth prevails as Moshe Katsav convicted as the free world’s 1st presidential rapist 1824
India: Widespread words & actions speak against the sheer injustice accorded Dr. Binayak Sen 2247
Australia: Merry Christmas from the Feds: An orphaned 8 year-old refugee held in mandatory detention 1396
UK: Protesting Govt's Economic injustices, Women & Students undaunted by police fascism or big chill 1711
Ireland: Government capitulated to Vatican on abuse probe, but days of genuflection done & dusted 1617
US: Exposed! Sarah Palin & Co. claiming feminism without a single teabag’s worth of feminist values 1627
US: Feminists Bachelet, Arbour, Sirleaf, Suu Kyi & Malalai Joya amongst Top 100 Global Thinkers 1629
Burma: Nobel laureates Aung San Suu Kyi & Amartya Sen deplore India-military junta alliance 1979
Burma: Suu Ki joyfully reunited with son Kim Aris as The Irrawaddy returns to urge Int. Support 1834
US: Republican gains in House of Reps translates to likelihood of more cash for the Taliban 1284
UK: 2008 & 2010 Nobel laureates amongst scathing critics of axeman George Osborne’s economics 1450
Global: Prozac promises to zap PMT threaten to hook an entire generation of women on psychotropics 2632
UK: Ed Miliband’s focus on equality and fairness win him the leadership vote of Labour Party women 6016
Australia: Julia Gillard elected PM despite her poisoned chalice & opposition from Murdoch's media 1837
Russia: Macho who? More like "Yobbo who", with the answer once again Vladimir Putin 1441
Australia: The National Obscenities of Starving Rural Aboriginal children & Feminized Homelessness 2144
Australia: As Federal Election looms, women’s demands grow for equity in all sectors .... 1566
Australia: Julia Gillard, the best woman or man for PM, & a giant victory for women past & present 1746
Burma: Global 65th birthday greetings for Aung San Suu Kyi, amidst demands to set her free 2081
India: Bhopal court slaps Union Carbide’s Indian culprits on wrist, but US accused remain scot free 2561
Australia: Safety issues lead NT & Q'land Electrical Trade Union to ban all work in uranium mines .. 1906
Australia: Vandana Shiva, India's fearless eco-feminist, awarded the 2010 Sydney Peace 1939
Iraq: Revelations of "Collateral Murder" calcify anger in civilian hearts awaiting justice 1966
India: False promises & regulatory breaches lead to demands for end to HPV vaccine licenses, and 3199
UK: Gita Sahgal ditches AI due to wasted women's equality advances & mockery of universal rights 1676
Chile: Homophobic Deputy Pope quotes rubbish statistics to duck guilt for Vatican's sex abuse shame 2822
India: Melinda & Bill Gates funded-Cervical Cancer Vaccine trials suspended due to ethical flaws 5364
US: Meet the Toxic 100 Corporate Air Polluters with their Environmental Justice Report Cards 2028
Ireland: Buck stops with the Vatican, even as 2 Bishops call for a 'Rape Tax' from the faithful 2003
Afghanistan: Operation Moshtarak more about uranium & opium wealth than ousting the Taliban 3287
Haiti: Real hope rises as ‘No Shock Doctrine For Haiti Petition’ avoids quaked nation being IMF-ed 1933
Haiti: Mourning leading feminist deaths, but women in all walks of life still poised to lead 2182
UK: Blair’s poisonously misguided war-mongering sows seeds for an Iraq replay against Iran 3195
UK: Media analysts pour shame on Blair’s 'Chilcot Theatre' 1949
India: Women’s groups reject BigPharma’s Cervical Cancer Vaccine as no substitute for screening 2806
Haiti: 2010 killer quake alerts to past imperialism, unfair debt and labour, and child trafficking 2363
UK: As Blair continues to rake in obscene mega-bucks, a bounty on his head for war crimes 1697
Italy: Berlusconi's genocidal policies deny the Roma food, health, education, even basic amenities 2724