Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest January - August 2011
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Norway: Hege Dalen & Toril Hansen, two incredible women whose bravery should never be underestimated 2408
Japan: Mayor of Nagasaki also calls for abolition of nuclear weapons & reliance on nuclear power 2654
Japan: 2011 International Peace Symposium focuses upon 'The Road to Abolishing Nuclear Weapons' 3322
Japan: Hiroshima marks A-Bomb Atrocity & Fukushima Meltdown with plea for world peace 2574
Australia: Blair’s tainted reputation sees Perth & Brisbane lecture tickets slashed to half price 2780
Norway: A massacre in the service of allied ideologies - male superiority & Christian nationalism 2508
UK: SNAP alerts UK Feminista, Object, & The Guardian to misogyny of London screening of Hardcore 4042
India: Axis Clinicals caught out exploiting poor women in breast cancer drug trials 4111
Burma: On her 66th birthday, Suu Kyi wishes for peace, stability & prosperity across the nation 2467
Libya: Atrocities against women concocted to sanitise posh boy David Cameron’s war against Gaddafi 2810
India: HPV vaccine & other medical trials fail notions of consent & primum non nocere 3500
UK: Paperback promotion of 'The Journey' hastens reminders of BLiar’s unforgivable hypocrisy 2290
Ireland: UNCAT recommends prompt justice for women tortured in the Magdalene Laundries 3888
Poland: Petition against Govt-enforced cervical smears, & penalties for women who refuse to comply 3303
US: Toppling of IMF’s DSK by an immigrant woman & advocates gives dignity to maids worldwide 2194
UK: Criminalized by French Law, Kenza Drider hailed as a hero at London Islamophobia Conference 2738
France: Home to 75,000 rapes annually, intolerable pro-Strauss-Kahn bias stirs mass feminist protest 3312
Egypt: National hypocrisy prevails as Mubarak’s elite empty the revolution’s significance 2654
US: Hillary Clinton seals deal with Martelly promising Haiti an encore of 1980’s subordination 2580
Australia: Overdue & appropriate, SD Commissioner to report on the ADFA’s ‘conduct unbecoming’ 2764
US: Visa finally granted, Malalai Joya tour begins in Northampton with reminder of war’s misogyny 2104
UK: CRASSH at Cambridge University presents 'Gender Separatism and Extremism', May 11 2011 1829
China: Burial of One-Child Policy again on annual discussion tables, but set to stay until 2015 2444
US: March 23, Boston Rally demanding Right to hear Malalai Joya & an end to Ideological Exclusions 1687
US: Take action for immediate reconsideration of courageous Malalai Joya’s denied book tour visa 2041
Australia: CLW's Empowering of Women to Lead the Way in Climate Change Action 1991
Iraq: Women prominent as Revolution's shockwaves inspire a Day of Rage across the country 1882
Egypt: Brave women, as per Dr. Nawal El Sadaawi, have forever been at the fore to end injustice 2711
UK: PM Cameron exploits "women’s rights" to whitewash his racist war on multiculturalism 2579
Ethiopia: UN Women's Michelle Bachelet begins her pledged journey with African women 1745
Davos 2011: The Irrawaddy aside, Suu Kyi’s audio plea for Burma unreported in the print media 1913
Davos 2011: Miami Herald aside, Michelle Bachelet’s feminist message unreported in print media 2659
India: Academic & Cultural Freedoms shrink further as ATS slaps charges on Prof Ilina Sen & assocs 2195
India-Bangladesh: Money for nothing. And misery for free leaves Microcredit with a black eye 1798
Iraq: Wikileaks wires add to suspicion that US invasion aimed to erase country’s culture & future 1680