WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny December 2009 - August 2011
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Iraq: Brave OWFI women & youth allies targeted for sexualized attacks, intimidation & harassment 3046
Mexico: Murder of Yolanda Ordaz underlines the additional perils faced by women journalists 2455
India: The girl infant/child a cash cow for genitoplasty surgeons in the latest patrilinear atrocity 3793
Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India & Somalia global leaders in violence against women 4866
Australia: 40 years post-Arbitration Commission pro-ruling, women still awaiting equal pay 2913
India: Abortion pill used to promote the birth of males & elimination of the girl infant in Haryana 3537
India: Decade after decade, toothless laws see females continue to disappear from demographics 2641
Egypt: Post-revolution women fear further exclusions and even being asked to step aside 2881
Libya: Grant justice to the incredibly brave Iman al-Obeidi & declare her a prisoner of conscience 3145
Egypt: Constitutional Committee excluding women ends up with Amendments excluding women 3012
Afghanistan: Action to counter Karzai’s dubious denial of Govt intent to control women’s shelters 2825
Bangladesh: Cursed & ostracized wives of men slain in tiger attacks band together 2338
Egypt: Historically neglected, gender equality richly deserved & essential in rebuilding the nation 3270
India: Home to 40M widows, majority suffering economic, health, sanitary & shelter-related poverty 2762
Italy: Their dignity not for sale, women call for an end to PM Berlusconi’s crude sexism 3240
Guatemala & elsewhere in Central America: Feminicide as women murdered simply for being women 2697
Switzerland: Women remain conspicuously underrepresented at Davos 'Global Agenda Fest' of 2011 2866
US: Super Bowl XLV Committee apathy in face of peril to underage trafficked girls in Dallas/Ft Worth 2288
UK: Women brave the cold to advise Islington of the sexism of Cameron’s spending cuts 2309
India: Gifting the CBI with sheets for their next cover-up, women demand justice for Shopian victims 2171
India: Contradictory laws let rapists off the hook, fail women raped inside & outside of marriage 1738
Eastern Congo: Coltan ore politics behind international apathy to brutally raped women & girls 3300
Afghanistan: Women live in fear of the Taliban joining to an already fundamentalist jihadi regime 1608
UK: The voices of female survivors of male violence today silenced. Time to turn the clock back! 1572
UK: A 3rd Millennium Malthus, Chancellor Osborne targets women & the poor to rescue the economy 2086
US: From Thomas to Perry. plus ça change .... Accused of sexual misconduct? Smear the victim! 1472
UK: Vile pornographic post card auctioned to bridge funding gap for Feminist Conference in London 2913
Scotland: Launch of DVD exposing perils of prostitution for girls & women in sex trade hub Edinburgh 2061
Global: Big Parma inventing 'female sexual function diseases' for a mega-Pink Viagra market 2785
Pakistan: Floods expose women to highest risk of starvation, disease, kidnapping, & sexual abuse 2499
Global: The spawning pandemic of women murdered with impunity in the name of honour 2031
Ireland: Despite recession, men’s demand for paid sex & abuse of prostitutes, 1/3 trafficked, rises 2965
Burma: Driven by poverty into local prostitution, women then duped to be sold on foreign sex markets 2699
Afghanistan: A 9 year war on the pretext of freeing women from the Taliban, turns truly farcical ... 1868
South Africa: Intimate male partner violence increases rural women’s incidence of HIV infection 3591
Australia: Sexist ad campaigns prompt pepper spray recommendations for Men's Lynx & Brute Codes 2187
Germany: Legalizing prostitution turned whole country into a hub for trafficked women 2400
Burma: Globally acclaimed for her dignity & valour, at 65 Suu Kyi still petrifies the military junta 1999
US: Equality Now campaign against Female Genital Cutting prompts back down by Pediatric Academy 3160
Afghanistan: Child brides face beatings within marriage, & public floggings, even death, on escape 2613
South Africa: For ‘Men Who buy sex’ at WSC 2010, 100,000 prostitutes to swell an HIV-ridden industry 2624
US: In contrast to priestly paedophiles, nun who saved a mother’s life promptly excommunicated 2293
South Africa: Women religious launch campaign to prevent human trafficking for 2010 World Cup 2410
India: Women fully or partly recovered from mental illness, abandoned for life by State & family 2381
India: State cradles avoid short-term perils faced by female infant, but perpetuate discrimination 1683
US: Time Magazine names Malalai Joya in world’s 100 most influential, then distorts her message 2119
Afghanistan: Failed by Bush, Blair & Howard’s war, the burqa disguises RAWA’s ongoing revolution 1937
Burma: Desperate female victims of 2008 Cyclone Nargis fall easy prey to sex and wife traffickers 3101
India: Feminists oppose "Fatal Third World Guinea Pig Trials" of cervical cancer vaccine, instead.. 4275
Australia: Football NSW gives FIFA’s bigoted "Hijab Ban" a richly deserved red card 3682