WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny September - December 2011
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Iraq: The US-led Coalition’s so-called extraordinary achievement an all-round catastrophe .... 2671
Worldwide abuse of imprisoned women, the majority of whose 'crimes' do not warrant gaoling 2854
HIV/AIDS Day 2011: Hillary Clinton’s omission of a woman-centered policy sets course for betrayal 2154
UK: Posh boy PM either too dumb to “get” the 2 million strike’s feminist message or needs glasses 2401
UK: Justified outrage as BBC turns 2011 Sports Personality into a SportsMAN of the Year Award 2148
Italy: Berlusconi ousting dramatically paves the way to end gender inequality 2382
Cosmetic Eugenics: The perils of fake female bodies as natural female bodies become outmoded 4677
UK: Joanna Yeates murder illustrates need to criminalise pornography’s incitement of gender hatred 3119
Africa: USAID & Pfizer persist with Depo-Provera despite health, incl. HIV, perils for women 5797
Australia: State Govt-approved pseudo-legal & illegal brothels found linked to female sex slavery 4472
Africa, Asia, Europe & Sth America: Girls increasingly abducted to become marriage commodities 3435
Philippines: Women, Govt-trained in servitude, exported for domestic slavery - 49% to North America 2822
Ethiopia: Blinding wounds inflicted by an ex-husband symbolic of unheard cries of women 4556
India: Malnourishment & early marriage major factors in shameful/avoidable maternal mortality rate 2559
Bangladesh: Celebrating 40 years of independence, but rapists of partition remain unpunished 2946