WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny January - December 2012
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India: Women in public life need a very thick skin to survive the sexual insults & violence 1999
India: State Govt & upper-caste male-dominated panchayats complicit in Haryana's growing VAW 1972
Ireland: With demand doubling, crisis refuge without space to aid 4 of 5 domestic violence victims 2056
India: Daily rape of 9 girls & women proceeds unabated & with impunity in Madhya Pradesh 2411
India: Child marriage as solution to Haryana’s shameful rape epidemic sparks justifiable outrage 2202
Afghanistan: Women still faced with Taliban terror, but unprepared to surrender their small gains 1933
India: Multi billion dollar surrogacy trade exploiting poor and desperate women remains unregulated 2253
India: Coercive female sterilisation prevails alongside global plans for expanded contraception 1871
India: Recent lethal VAW gives credence to country‘s bottom rank for women amongst G20 nations 1996
India: Continued fall in sex ratio as girl child seen by rich & poor as financial, emotional burdens 4370
Russia: Country’s Religious Right join Putin in jailing feminist punk band for legitimate protest 2021
India: No law to halt the exploitation of poor, illiterate women as surrogate mothers 2575
UK: British Govt & the Gates Foundation 'Contraceptive Fest' abounds with misogyny and myopic flaws 2064
Iraq: Based on male accusations, courts increasingly imposing degrading virginity tests on women 1789
Uzbekistan: State population control amounts to coercive sterilisation of women in their thousands 2063
Greece: As in UK and Ireland, gender-blind austerity measures inflict heaviest hardships on women 2184
India: No longer newsworthy - The lethal role of women & the girl child as water carriers 2140
Japan: Via agents in the US still attempting to invisibilize their WW II sex crimes against women 1878
UK: The faces & stories of women refugees shame the process refusing their vast majority asylum 1817
India: Punitive measures to “discourage” child marriage victimise girls all over again 2902
US: Excessive rates of trafficking, coerced prostitution & rape destroying Native American Women 2828
Nepal: Anuradha Koirala-led Maiti’s efforts to rescue girls trafficked into India for sex slavery 1523
Australia: Vitriolic critics fail to take into account PM Julia Gillard’s many positives 1899
Europe: Amnesty Report condemns burqa bans for denying Muslim women jobs and education 1537
India: Female foeticide, via sex-selective abortion, is “A Lethal War on Women” 2401
China: Discerning women, demeaned as ‘Leftovers”, expose further social folly of one child policy 3186
Vatican: Benedict XVI returns to Rottweiler mode silencing US’s LCWR with 5 years of probation 3304
US: Rape cases not only unresolved but under-investigated as arrest rates stagnate in 2012.... 1801
India: Rape conviction rates progressively fall from 44.3% in 1973 to 26.5% in 2010 2652
China: Busted gangs, trafficking thousands of women & children, linked to myopic one-child policy 1768
India: Women the significant victims of the FOR-PROFIT Micro-Finance industry's sharks 2181
India: Child malnutrition running at 42 %, with girls [destined to become mothers] at greatest risk 2618
India: Unlike brides burnt at rate of one per hour, it’s the dowry concept which needs to be torched 2264
India: Bragging of economic success, while girls & women face the indignity of life without toilets 1769
France: Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) risked women’s lives to save €1bn annually via cheap silicone 1808
USA: FDA considered Breast Implant complications, including rupture, to be acceptable risks in 2010 1924
Israel: Women begin the fight back against crude, extremist, ultra-orthodox religious misogynists 2149
India: When it comes to attire & SVAW, still prevailing male view that women have it coming to them 2061
Saudi Arabia: Women’s local voting & electoral concessions in 2015 but most women's rights stagnate 2411