International Women's Day 2014
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Iraq: OWFI calls on all women to resist Male, Class & Sectarian tools of Exploitation & Subjugation 1302
India: Acknowledging Nation’s patriarchy undermines women’s development, empowerment & well-being 1633
Malaysia: Tenaganita director Irene Fernandez & guests pay tribute to Myanmar women refugees 1941
Afghanistan: Women deny Karzai the credit for limited progress made on women’s rights since 2001 1944
Turkey: Istanbul Feminist Collective raises voice against men’s daily rape & murder of women 1500
Spain: Madrid IWD fun run for equality tainted by local mayor’s apron and nail file handouts 1482
Northern Ireland: Cara Park stars in a feminist parody on Stormont’s 2013 beauty misogyny 1821
Ireland: The glass ceiling made of concrete for women in business and politics 1467
Global: Shocking statistics enhance IWD’s importance to motivate change 1504
Global: In Memoriam: The World's Unwanted Baby Girls 1334
UK: Labour celebrates women’s achievements, & vows to close Tory-imposed gender gaps 1503
Australia: Depression reigns as instead of Julia and sisters, Abbott's male majority takes charge 1542
Australia: IWD campaign against men’s DV-related murder of one woman weekly 1469