Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest Sept 2011- December 2012
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France: Case of Rachida Dati, a Sarkozy protegee, reflects macho-sexism of country’s politics 1391
Global: Mormon women don the trousers in bid for gender equity 1442
India: Campaign against Declining Child Sex Ratio launched in Andhra Pradesh on Int.Human Rights Day 2097
India: Jayati Ghosh welcomes & recommends new volume to resolve global lack of economic literacy 1510
US: Both Presidential candidates turn the political economy into a toxic military economy 1576
US: Osama’s ‘mistake’ in Cairo reinforced & gave credibility/comfort to Muslim fundamentalism 1476
Australia: PM Julia Gillard’s flawless exposè of Abbott’s misogyny & hypocrisy globally applauded 1833
Int. Day against the Death Penalty: A Day to honour dissenters, notably Malala Yousafzai 1670
Exposed: A la Bill Gates, World Bank adopts Population Control in the guise of Vaccination 1997
UK: Hampton Court exhibition revels in the misogyny of women’s lives during reign of Charles II 1710
Middle East: 2010 uprisings a victory for extreme right forces working under the guise of religion 1773
DRC: 'Loi Obama' underestimates the nexus of mineral wealth & local militarism, abuse & rape 1742
India: To cease undermining women’s rights the NCW needs a competent head & grassroots experience 1874
Europe/Israel: Medical cowboys cash in transplanting kidneys trafficked from the poor for the rich 1998
Afghanistan: Malalai Joya highlights her country’s bleak prospects post the US-led invasion 1847
India: Aggressive promotion of HPV vaccines by BigPharma & Bill Gates' charity (PATH) unjustified 2230
Burma: Women’s League calls for inclusion of women, led by Suu Kyi, to create a lasting ethnic peace 1557
Arab Women brave the streets & the record books to claim their revolutionary roles & entitlements 2066
India: In addition to campaigns, community change from within needed to halt cultural misogyny 1714
India: By too often caving in to the brutal patriarchal hierarchy, mothers betray their daughters 2475
PNG: Tributes flow as heroic Women & Children’s advocate Dame Carol Kidu says adieu to Parliament 1746
Columbia: US Secret Service prostitution scandal more about trafficking than national security 1431
India: Microcredit driving poor into further misery, joint liability causing communities to implode 1765
India: 18 yrs post-Cairo's ICPD, sterilisation re-imposed on impoverished women & illiterate tribals 1893
India: Women’s Minister & Gramya President alert AP’s rural women leaders to the sex ratio crisis 1596
From the past to the present, feminists putting bad taste humour in its place 1682
Afghanistan: A Valentine’s reminder of the West’s delusional waging of humanitarian wars 1673
Global: Karl Marx & Radical Feminists of the 1990s vindicated, as globalisation [almost] unplugged 1855
Australia: 'Grand slammer', now 'Reverend', Margaret Court’s homophobia cops a richly-deserved roast 2712
London: Jennifer Drew lecture series exploring 'malestream' media’s co-option of Feminism 2363
Belgium: Placating his Tory Eurosceptics, UK’s myopic posh boy PM plunges Britain adrift of Europe 2021
US: Arundhati Roy salutes the Occupy Movement for standing against injustice in the heart of empire 1744
AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Merck et al. turn global poor into non-consenting guinea pigs for drug trials 2111
Australia: Fairfax Media tainted by sanitisation of Porn King Michael Day & his Penthouse Pet wife 2295
Petition for a Free & Secular Middle East & N. Africa & Recognition of Women’s Rights & Equality 2222
Australia: Feminist Coalition calls for halt to State Govts (read *pimps*) legalising prostitution 1994
Egypt: Dr. Nawal El Saadawi’s extraordinary stamina & courage in the struggle against FGM 2049
Africa: Women using injectable contraceptives have double risk of HIV acquisition/transmission 1872
France: Kenza Drider & brave Muslim sisters defy veil ban in bids for Presidency & Human Rights 1748
Iraq: Post US-led invasion, life expectancy falls from 65 years 3 decades ago to 58 years in 2010 2517
US: 13 of 13 Gardasil samples discovered to be contaminated with recombinant HPV DNA 3934
UK: Labour finally awakens to feminist conclusion that Cameron a rightwing dumbo anointed by Murdoch 1861
India: Overdue to hail Sharmila’s decade-long fast for the repeal of the truly undemocratic AFSP Act 1920
UK: Cameron's Way - Re-inventing 18th Century Penal codes for his Tory-expanded underclass 1978