Misc Reports, Comments, Analyses for Feminist Interest Dec 2012- December 2013
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India: Kerala & Haryana's overdue crackdowns on anti-girl child violations of PCPNDT Act 2039
DRC: Mining linked to atrocities, as emerging "drone economy" gives new meaning to 'blood coltan' 2503
Australia: Vandana Shiva reminds the FODI that “the real currency of life is life itself" 2250
Burma: Statement from “Girl Determined” group calls for end to gender discrimination in education 2378
Australia: Hobart Nov 19 - EPOCH oration on Aboriginal Law & Children's Sacredness 2365
US: Roots To Resistance joins Malalai Joya with a Postcard to Obama to end Afghan War & Occupation 1873
India: Courageous 'Daughter of the Sea' undaunted by threats from Kerala’s all-powerful sand mafia 1698
Egypt: NCW lead NGOs proposing criminalisation of all VAW & ending gender-based discrimination 2003
India: Ministry labels PATH’s Gates Foundation-funded HPV vaccine trials a sordid & unethical affair 3252
India: Calls for Zero Tolerance to all crime, as Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013 fails to stem VAW 2550
Pakistan: Like Taliban misogyny, Devolution Policy fails to increase female literacy 1956
Global: The Obscene Profits of Bill Gates’ Big Pharma-Self-Serving Philanthropy & Eugenics 4484
UNHRC Session 23 2013: India Women's Challenges for Security, Rights, Empowerment & Equality 3184
Vatican: Fat chance of reforms with Cardinal Pell’s inclusion within Pope Francis's advisory group 2817
US: More to Angelina Jolie’s prophylactic bilateral mastectomy than meets the eye ….. 2390
UK: An important ePetition to HM Government on behalf of the Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse 2209
India: UN Rapporteur witnesses evidence of amended laws which still permit a continuum of VAW 2071
India: Criminal Law Amendment Act increases penalties for rape, but not female security 2435
Iraq: Bush Jnr and Blair’s ‘feminist mission’ drove liberated women into burqas to survive 2451
Iraq: Bathed in blood by Bush Jnr & Blair, & inheriting a sectarian war which threatens the region 2166
Vatican: Joins Iran & Russia to disrupt VAW communiqué at the Commission on the Status of Women 2041
Vatican: Overdue to follow women religious and swap the medieval for the real world 1919
India: Supreme Court & AP State Govt stir action to prevent female foeticide 2541
India: Govt in need of substantial push to adopt feminist positions within the Verma report 2170
Bangladesh: Copy cats of “Delhi Bus Rapists” stir call for upholding dignity & security of women 2220
India: Post-Delhi’s barbaric rape, Justice Verma's report a triumph for women’s movements 2041
India: Supreme Court admits writ petition against licensing & trials with 'Cervical Cancer' vaccines 2948
India: SC blasts Govt over MN Drug trials' serious side-effects in the poor & illiterate 1677