WW III: Third Millennium Misogyny January - December 2013
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UK: Media joins self-absolving agencies to scapegoat Amanda Hutton for son’s starvation death 2273
Sudan: Women bravely defiant in face of regime which criminalizes them to justify its misogyny 1435
India: Women lose family & shelter, plus face sexual violence from communal riots in Uttar Pradesh 1732
Global: Death by stoning on the rise. Sign the campaign to the UN to “Stop Stoning Women Now” 1713
UK: Cameron-led Tory Coalition’s austerity cuts paint dim hopes for women’s economic recovery 1795
Australia: New PM Tony Abbott takes just one week to prove his disdain for women 1689
India: Amidst Rape Pandemic, female empowerment a lost cause, and victim rehab of scant concern 1585
Pakistan: Planned extrajudicial killings included bravest of human rights hero Asma Jahangir 1567
India: In wake of woman photo-journalist’s gang rape, Govt solution in err of media freedom 1520
India: Forced hysterectomies violate the human rights of disabled young girls & women 2057
India: Surrogacy worth $2.3 billion, but mothers underpaid & denied nutritional & health basics 1640
Europe: Increasing abortion of female fetuses due to patriarchal concepts & medical technologies 1506
India: Women deliver a triple NO to verbal, and also Skype and Facebook triple talaq 1836
UK: Marion Bartoli’s 2013 tennis brilliance & beauty serve to increase shame of BBC sport misogyny 1695
India: Joining the dots between 2-child policy, masculinized sex ratios & violence against females 1592
China: One-child policy a scourge against the poor, women, female foetuses & the girl child 1771
India: Unethical hysterectomy of young rural women: Medical corruption, population control, or BOTH 2145
India: With Police & Courts as patriarchy’s foot soldiers, girl child at highest risk of rape 1721
Pakistan: Tripled female labour force in rural areas passes unacknowledged and unrewarded 2203
India: Time to treat arrogant male defiance of gender-sensitive rape & abduction Laws as terrorism 1659
Pakistan: Amidst a world of feminized poverty, women reduced to economic nonentities 2161
Iraq: US traded Women’s Rights to gain Islamist parties' support for a post-invasion constitution 1939
India: Draft Bill on Women’s Security bogged down by male MPs creating loopholes for men 1933
US: Despite CNN & Steubenville’s apologists, a 16 yr old girl the sole victim of High School Rape 1804
US: Military sexual trauma a major cause of difficulties faced by women after combat service 1944
US: Women recruits expose largest level of men's sexual violence in Air Force history 1838
India: Men’s acid attacks on women bear the ugly imprint of a violent, patriarchal culture 3157
Ireland: Crocodile tears for Magdalene laundry's women enslaved by State & Church patriarchs 1968
India: Police reforms, proposed for decades, still leave women victims of rape devoid of justice 1868
US: Male surplus in oil town linked to increased domestic & sexual assault of women 1809
India: Transplant racket dupes the poor, mainly women, of their kidneys, promised payment & health 1162