International Women's Day 2016-2018
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Global Inspiration from Deepa Narayan's "Chup: Breaking The Silence About Being India’s Women" 502
IWD 2018: Cease whinging that feminism has gone too far. Truth is we are just getting started 709
IWD 2018: A Time to always remember the life-long courage of Pakistan's Asma Jahangir 367
IWD 2018: A Time to Rejoice in the successful contributions of Dr Jane Goodall 699
India 2018: Woman coerced into donating 87%, but receive only 15% of Non-cadaveric Kidney Translants 347
Guatemala 2017: After teenage girls burnt to death on IWD, demands grow to end their violent abuse 1368
Saudi Arabia: Al Janadriyah festival on IWD lends focus to women's role and value in nation building 1407
Global 2017: Fuck modesty to counter the religious-rights' misogyny which serves patriachy so well 1422
Australia 2016: Gender pay gap begins in childhood, pay-secrecy widens the gap in the workplace 2459
India 2016: Feminised agriculture plagued by women's unfair wages, denial of credit, land rights etc 1797
Global 2016: Zed Books Feminist Reading List of Inspiringly Dangerous Women 2306