Jordan: Young and old, male and female, OK with men's domestic violence Print E-mail
 June 1, 2006

Beating wives over insults 'acceptable' in Jordan


AMMAN -- Almost 50 percent of Jordanians find it acceptable for a man to strike his wife is she insults him, according to a survey published on Wednesday.

"There is widespread acceptance of domestic violence by husbands toward wives," said the 2005 Communication Partnership for Family Health (CPFH) Baseline Survey, published on the CPFH Website.

"Respondents were asked whether a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife in certain situations that might lead him to become angry," it said.

"Nearly half of all respondents, regardless of age or marital status, report that it is acceptable for a husband to hit or beat his wife if she insults him," the survey found.

Around 1,847 households were surveyed from July to September 2005 for the study that was funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) with the help of Jordan's health ministry and John Hopkins University.

The survey revealed that 53.7 percent of unmarried female youths aged between 15 to 24 agreed that a man is justified in beating his wife if she "insults him", compared to 39.6 percent of unmarried male youths.

Likewise more married women, 45.8 percent, compared to 44.3 percent of married men, accepted the notion that a man could beat his wife is she insulted him.

Some 76.2 percent of unmarried female youths also found beatings acceptable if a woman is unfaithful to her husband, compared to 77 percent of married women, 52.8 percent of married men and 68.7 percent of unmarried male youths.

Only 5.7 percent of married women agreed that beatings were acceptable for burning the food, compared to 2.8 percent of unmarried men.