Israel: Every day, the Women Against War Movement holds vigils in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa Print E-mail
-- yes, Haifa, even under shelling

From Israel, a Voice Against the War

To the Editor:

Re “Left or Right, Israelis Are Pro-War’’ (front page, Aug. 9):

There is a continuing, vocal and visible Israeli opposition to the war.

Every day, the Women Against War Movement holds vigils in three cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa — yes, Haifa, even under shelling.

Every Saturday, we hold mass marches through Tel Aviv, the most recent one 5,000 strong.

Several men have refused call-ups to serve in Lebanon, and a dozen young men and women were arrested on Aug. 8 for blocking the road to an air force base in an effort to prevent, in their words, the carrying out of more war crimes.

Haaretz is filled with articles criticizing the war not because it is going poorly but because the idea of preventing aggression by bombardment is both ludicrous and immoral.

These acts of criticism represent the views of thousands more, and if the war continues, they will also be out on the streets. Let’s hope that it will end before that is necessary.

Gila Svirsky
Jerusalem, Aug. 9, 2006
The writer is co-founder of the Coalition of Women for Peace