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Thursday September 14, 2006

Bushmen in jitters

9/11 ­ Whodunnit?

By Punyapriya Dasgupta

The tingling news on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 is that the Bush leadership in America has been pushed to the defensive on who really destroyed the World Trade Centre towers in New York and struck at the Pentagon in Washington on September 11, 2001? The alleged 19 Arabs in hijacked airliners or monstrous figures hiding behind no less an eminence than George W Bush, President of the United States of America? A growing number of courageous Americans began expressing and spreading their conviction, a few years ago, that what the television screens showed on 9/11 was all fake since the destruction of structures like the WTC towers by butting Boeings was a scientific impossibility. They call themselves 9/11 truth warriors. More than one-third of Americans now believe them, according to an opinion poll. What is more disturbing to the Bushmen is the easy victory of one of them in a Democratic Party primary for election to the Congress two months hence. The 9/11 truth warriors have done a far more effective job than those who were trying to prove that America never put any man on the moon and the 1969 Apollo 11 mission and Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap forward for mankind” were an elaborate documentary forgery.

In 9/11 terminology “conspiracy theorists” or those who refuse to believe the official explanation that the WTC towers were destroyed by fire ignited by crashing airliners, allege that it was an “inside job” of “controlled demolition” by setting off explosives in three ­ not two ­ buildings by “neo-conservatives”, who had planned incessant wars in West Asia ­ starting with Iraq ­ for the control of its oil in the “American century”. Even full-length books started appearing. Victor Thorn, a journalist, came out with a well-researched 9/11 on Trial, contending that the official version of the collapse of the WTC towers were disproved by the laws of physics, mathematical equations, physical evidence and expert testimony. Never before in the world had a building so heavily supported by sturdy steel collapsed due to fire. The WTC towers were even consciously designed to withstand whatever a crashing Boeing 707 or 767 might do. The impact of airliners, whatever the size, and the jet fuel they carried were not of much significance in the destruction.

Thorn argued that a heat of 2,795 degrees was required to melt construction grade steel and the highest temperature jet fuel could reach was 1,517 degrees. Further, all the jet fuel of the two airliners that hit the towers burned off in two minutes of the impact and the fires within the towers never exceeded 600 degrees. Thorn also quoted the finding of America’s Federal Emergency Management Agency that “the heat produced by burning fuel does not by itself appear to have been sufficient to initiate the structural collapse”. He raised the question how pools of molten steel could be bubbling nearby weeks after the destruction when a temperature of 5,182 degrees was required to reduce steel to a liquefied state? One of the foremost 9/11 truth warriors today, physics professor Steven Jones, believes that thermite reaction which generates extraordinarily high temperatures must have been the method used. There is no end to questions and theories. How was it possible, for instance, for the towers to collapse in free falls? Some 2,00,000 tons of steel, all the walls and equipment inside them should have offered some resistance. They did not. Most people may not still know that a third WTC tower ­ No 7 ­ also fell that day although it had not been hit by any airliner and there was no fire in it. It fell exactly the same way the other two did ­ in free fall. How could that happen?

The conspiracy theories spread like fire on the Internet. Many sites appeared. Basically they are all agreed that 9/11 was an inside job with the sinister purpose of justifying wars in West Asia in the interests of American neo-imperialists. Yet there are two sides with one very significant difference between them. The school Thorn belongs to is firm that Israel, one of the big beneficiaries of America’s wars against the Arabs, was one of the prime conspirators of 9/11. The other steers clear of Israel. Thorn has been fiercely attacked by America’s Jewish lobby. Thorn has accused some of the conspiracy theory websites as the creation of that lobby.

The American government ignored the conspiracy theories for long. America’s mainstream media, already tainted by its subservience to neo-conservatism, pretended that the official version of 9/11 was never under challenge. But the tenacious theorists in their unstoppable Internet vehicles have broken through the wall of silence. The New York Times came out a little more than a week ago with a write-up on how the administration had moved in to debunk “alternative theories” on the 9/11 attacks. The persistence of the conspiracy theories together with a fear about the public reaction on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 made the US State Department issue a statement late last month reaffirming the official version. President Bush himself has been making speeches recounting in some detail what happened on 9/11. BBC and the Guardian had reported after 9/11 that some of the hijackers named were certainly alive and well outside America. FBI admitted that some names could indeed be doubted. The British media reported that Khalid al Midhar was among those “hijackers” who too, according to evidence, could be alive. Bush is not leaving Midhar out of the his narratives. The dispute is hotting up and Washington appears jittery.