Moscow: While there is a Novaya Gazeta, Anna Politkovskaya’s murderers will not sleep easy Print E-mail

October 9 2006

The below is a very approximate translation of Novaya Gazeta's tribute to Anna Politkovskaya indicating "An exceptional woman whose face reflected her deep spiritual integrity & courage"
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On Saturday, on October 7th, at an entrance

« The Novaya Gazeta » Anna Politkovskaya

She was beautiful. And in the course of time only became more beautiful. Know why? And simply person(face) we all over again receive from the God as preparation, and then we make his. How we live.

Still speak: in a maturity on the face the soul starts to appear. Her shower ­ beautiful.

She was womanly. Was able to laugh charmingly to a successful joke and to cry from injustice. But ­ in relation to somebody ­ She perceived any injustice as the personal enemy. Also struggled with her to the utmost.

She was surprisingly courageous. Where the macho in the jeeps surrounded by bodyguards is more courageous than many and many.

To her threatened, her tried to intimidate, arranging shadowings and searches. She was arrested in the Chechen Republic by "our" commandoes and threatened with execution. Her have poisoned, when she flied to Beslan. She has got out. And though healthy after that any more was not, is the strongest at her still conscience  was sick.

Many, even well-wishers of " the Novaya Gazeta», at times spoke: « Well, yours ­ too … ». Not too! She always wrote the truth. An another matter, that this truth often happened so awful, that the consciousness of many refused to perceive her. And from here ­ as protective reaction is « too ». Sometimes ­ even at us in edition.

Probably, the most difficult for the usual person ­ to not turn away that is terrible. But if to look a harm fool in the face, it does not maintain, gives in. looked a harm fool in the face. And, maybe, therefore left the winner the hardest situations. And, maybe, therefore remained alive there where looked down would not survive.

For us she also remains alive. We shall not reconcile to our death never. And who has taken under the control this brutal murder ­ in the center of Moscow, is in the middle white day, ­ ourselves we shall search for murderers. We guess, where they can be …

How there in Russia business with independent mass-media are? This question is discussed that in the Europe, in America. And in « the Novaya Gazeta » for last years it is killed three leading journalists.
       Igor Domnikov. his murderers ­ owing to efforts of fair inspectors and the newspaper ­ presteel before court.
       Jury ShChekochikhin. Even native authorities have given up in legitimate right to familiarize with results of opening …

But we continue the investigation. And murderers will be punished.

Now ­ ours … They have killed not only the journalist, and the citizen, they have killed the beautiful woman and mother.

While there is « a Novaya Gazeta », her murderers will not sleep easy.