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#1 Sydney Morning Herald -- Thursday January 25 2006

Rapist doctor gets 13 years

A doctor who drugged and raped a patient in Central Western NSW has been jailed for a maximum of 13 years and three months by a Sydney court.

Rafid Alramadan, 55, was convicted of three charges over the incident at his Grenfell surgery on December 8, 2005, in which he drugged a female patient with the tranquilliser diazepam, then indecently assaulted and raped her.

At his trial, the victim gave evidence that Alramadan had given her two injections in the arm, leaving her feeling "hazy" and sapping her strength.

He then fondled her and had sex without her consent.

Alramadan was found guilty of unlawfully administering a stupefying drug with the intent to commit aggravated sexual assault.

He was also convicted of having sexual intercourse without the woman's consent, and indecent assault, offences aggravated by the fact that, as her doctor, she was under his authority.

Appearing before the Downing Centre District Court today, Alramadan was sentenced to a maximum of 13 years and three months, with a non-parole period of 10 years and three months.

He has been in custody since September last year and will be eligible for parole in December 2016.

Sentencing the doctor, Judge Anthony Puckeridge said Alramadan was a "respectable medical practitioner" who had abused his patient's trust and his position in the community.

"The prisoner abused his position of trust as the victim's medical practitioner," Judge Puckeridge said.

"The prisoner has abused his privileged position in the community by administering a drug for an improper purpose."

Alramadan bowed his head as the sentence was passed.
#2 Sydney Morning Herald -- Thursday January 25 2006

Doctor jailed for raping unconscious wife

An Adelaide doctor who repeatedly raped his wife while she was unconscious on sleeping pills has been jailed for 10 years.

The pathologist, who can't be named, stored photographs of his crimes on his computer, the South Australian District Court was told.

Some photographs were of him using foreign objects during anal and vaginal rapes, the court heard.

District Court Judge Marie Shaw today jailed the man for 10 years with a non-parole period of six years.

The doctor was found guilty of 13 counts of raping his wife in 2002 and 2003 and five counts of indecent assault around the same time.

The wife was "degraded in a most revolting way", Judge Shaw said.

"Your offending represents betrayal of the most absolute, complete and malevolent kind," she said.
The woman told the court she took various sleeping tablets, including the powerful drug Stilnox, while trying to combat chronic insomnia.

She testified she often woke up with bruises, which her husband blamed on "thrashing around" in her sleep.

The woman said that in late 2003, she noticed her husband had left the computer on, with the monitor switched off.

She turned the monitor on, and called police after finding a photograph of her asleep.

The doctor claimed his wife stage-managed the sexual encounters and told him to take photos of her while she pretended to sleep.

He told a jury it was his wife's fantasy to appear to be asleep while he performed sexual acts upon her, such as inserting objects including a wine bottle into her vagina and anus.

The doctor claimed the sex was consensual, and would be interrupted several times as he took the camera to a computer to download images.

"I have no confidence that you were telling the truth when you gave evidence," Judge Shaw said, describing his behaviour as predatory.

"You cold-bloodedly photographed what you did and methodically went about storing those photographs," Judge Shaw said.