Day 2: Forum gives Africans voice, but registration fees & media disinterest problematic Print E-mail

January 22 2007

Interview with Wahu Kaara, Convener of Mobilisation

On the main challenges of hosting the WSF in Kenya

The irony of it is that many members of the Kenya Social Forum can not afford to pay the US$ 5 registration fee and these people are from homeless communities like Kibera. The other thing is that we were operating under the budget. I have been convener of mobilisation but was not able to raise the funds.

On the main issues that Kenyans would love to address

Kenyans would love to create a consciousness of good governance because of multi party politics. It should be known that not all the solutions are in politics

On what WSF will do for Kenya and Africa?

It would be able to give us another identity of being an equal actor with others. It would put the record right that we are not a nation of insecurity and not what the Americans are doing to Somalis by chasing them out of their own country.

The World Social Forum has already demonstrated that the government, civil society and mass movements can work together. We have enjoyed having meetings with our government. The World Social Forum has also bridged the working relation between us and the government.

This World Social Forum will give Africans presence and voice in bringing about paradigm shift from neo-liberalism that has perfected exclusion, disposition, violence in the guise of globalisation for prosperity; yet it is globalisation for commoditisation of all aspects of life and natural wealth to serve the interest of market and wealth.

On the impact of the forum
The NGOs and Civil societies have no choice than let go the leadership of social movements in demonstrating this leadership.

On the Forum’s handicap
For our local media there have been no media reports. This has been the main handicap because the media has not been interested in publicising this event.