New York: Launch of new campaign, "Women Won't Wait: End HIV & Violence Against Women Now" Print E-mail

March 8 2007

To mark International Women's Day 2007, Mary Robinson was the lead speaker on violence against women and HIV at the main launch event of a new international campaign, called Women Won't Wait: End HIV and Violence Against Women Now, on March 6th in New York. She noted how the twin epidemics of HIV and AIDS and violence against women cannot be disentangled.

"It is vital that the policies, programs and funding streams of national governments and international agencies transparently address the intersection of HIV and AIDS and violence against women," Robinson said. "At the same time, civil society must hold both governments and agencies accountable to promoting human rights and the self-determination of women, as this coalition seeks to do."

As part of the launch, an in-depth report  Show Us The Money [81 pages, 2.61MB] has been published which examines the current policies and efforts of donor organization such as UNAIDS, the Global Fund, PEPFAR and DFID to promote human rights and the self-determination of women.

The ongoing work of the campaign will focus on creating detailed specific asks of key actors and monitoring closely their progress in addressing violence and HIV in specific and concrete ways, and also to support the efforts of colleague organizations in countries throughout the world in monitoring and pressing for changes in national laws, policies, funding streams and programs affecting these issues on the ground.