Australia: Women State MPs and Federal Senators demand Malalai Joya's reinstatement Print E-mail

Wednesday June 20, 2007

Pro-Joya demonstration in Melbourne

Joya's situation was raised in state and federal parliaments across Australia

Demonstration for Malalai Joya on the steps of Victorian State Parliament.

Note: This is an edited version of the original press report to correct errors, chiefly in gender pronouns, which occurred in the process of the translation

KABUL, June 20: A group of parliamentarians and common citizens Wednesday staged a peaceful protest demonstration in Melbourne, Australia, in support of the ousted female MP Malalai Joya.

The participants were demanding the restoration of the outspoken legislator who was expelled from the Wolesi Jirga through a no-trust vote for her derogatory remarks against her fellow-parliamentarians.

MP Tammy Lobato, who presented a statement to her state's parliament in support of Joya, said they were determined to get Joya's situation raised in the parliaments across Australia.

So far the issue has or will be raised in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory parliaments, said the legislator.

The issue will also be presented by Senator Kerry Nettle of the Greens Party in the Upper House of Federal Parliament. Another Senator, Lyn Allison, the leader of the Democrats Party has written a letter to the Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer on the issue, said Lobato.

"It was a privilege to be able to do whatever we can for Malalai Joya and the courageous and inspirational women of Afghanistan, and we are really pleased she was able to get out of Afghanistan safely," she said.