Australia: Howard's agenda a mask to erode Aboriginal Title for the sake of the Mining Giants Print E-mail
The Age ~~ Melbourne ~~ July 4, 2007

PM grabbing land, says Greer

PRIME Minister John Howard's emergency measures to deal with child abuse in the Northern Territory are a land grab that he knows will be a certain vote-winner, says Germaine Greer.

The British-based writer branded the dramatic intervention as a mask to remove native title rights to allow freer access to outback lands by mining companies.

"Howard has never been happy with the fact that small groups of illiterate hunter-gatherers can still hamper and delay exploitation of Australia's mineral wealth for as long as they did in the case of the Ranger uranium mine and Jabiluka," Greer told The Bulletin magazine.

"The real importance of Howard's bizarre interpretation of the urgings to immediate action contained in the Little Children Are Sacred report is that it provides knee-jerk justification for massive erosion of Aboriginal title," she said.