APEC 2007: Buy and rape a woman went 'gangbusters', meaning business tripled, at Sydney's brothels Print E-mail
The Sun-Herald ~~ Sydney ~~ Sunday September 9 2007

Condi Combo winner for brothels

SECRET service agents and international trade envoys have helped boost business in Sydney's brothels for the APEC summit.

"It's been going gangbusters," Adult Business Association NSW spokesman Chris Seage said yesterday.

"Businesses that were banking on a 200 per cent increase in business have done better than that with it up by 300 per cent.

"There have been secret service agents, trade envoys, but no Putins yet."

Interstate prostitutes were brought in to fill demand at the city's establishments, where APEC-themed specials such as the Condi Combo, the UN Duo and the Presidential Platter were on offer.

Mr Seage said suburban brothels were also getting extra work from those who would normally travel into the city deciding to stay closer to home.
The Age ~~ Melbourne ~~ Tuesday September 4, 2007

Industry prospers as lockdown becomes lay down

Nabila Ahmed, Sydney

INTERNATIONAL hankering for Aussie love is set to triple weekly turnover at brothels in Sydney, making the adult industry the first winner of the APEC summit.

As a cluster of independent retailers threatened to lodge compensation claims with the Federal Government to recoup the "dramatic" loss of revenue predicted in a week of roadblocks and heavy security, the Adult Business Association of NSW was preparing for a bumper week.

Enterprising Sydney brothels are advertising APEC specials, such as the "Presidential Platter" (a free seafood platter to go with a one-hour session) and the "United Nations Duo" (time with two girls of different ethnicities), with many fielding calls from international guests.

Adult Business Association spokesman Chris Seage said many brothels were also offering bonuses to attract locals locked out of the city this weekend.

He said the inner-east suburb of Surry Hills would be one of the winners, with six brothels expecting combined turnover to triple to almost $700,000.

"It's because Surry Hills is outside the declared and restricted APEC zone but it is still close to the city," Mr Seage said.

"Other brothels outside the city are also expecting increased patronage because a lot of the people who would normally go into the city on weekends are expected to stay away from the city and patronise their local brothels instead."

Other businesses are not so optimistic about their prospects during APEC week, with the Retail Traders and Shopkeepers Association of NSW (RTSA) predicting a "dramatic downturn in trade and retail", particularly in the city centre and Darling Harbour.

Almost a third of Sydney businesses have had an increase in the number of workers applying for leave during APEC, a NSW Business Chamber survey shows.

The RTSA believes small businesses such as coffee shops, hairdressing salons and clothing retailers are already suffering, with some complaining of losses in turnover of up to 70 per cent yesterday. The association's Scott Driscoll said Canberra would have been a better, less disruptive venue for the APEC meeting. He said many businesses expected a further drop in custom and profits later in the week.

"If the impact is as massive as we expect, there will be strong representations to both forms of government for some form of compensation," Mr Driscoll said.
 South Africa ~~ September 03 2007

Apec summit means no holiday for brothels

Sydney - Sydney's brothels are preparing for a business boom as thousands of delegates and journalists descend on the city for a major Asia-Pacific summit this week, local media reported on Monday.

One well-known bordello is offering "The Presidential Platter" with a variety of pleasures or a "United Nations" double with women from a range of countries, according to the news and gossip website Crikey.

A former tax office auditor turned legal brothel industry lobbyist, Chris Seage, wrote that Sydney's brothels had been fielding phone calls from overseas for the past two weeks.

The most frequently asked questions revolved around how discreet a visit could be during the high-profile Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) summit that starts on Saturday, Seage said.

Due to the expected increase in patronage many of Sydney's "best" sex workers would not avail themselves of the special public holiday declared for Friday ahead of the weekend summit, he said.
 Sydney September 3 2007

Sydney brothels prepare for Apec

By Phil Mercer

Sydney is gearing up for the Apec summit

Sydney's brothels are preparing for a very busy week as thousands of delegates and officials descend on the Australian city for a major summit.

One establishment said it was expecting business to boom and had been receiving overseas telephone enquiries for weeks.

Sydney is hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) forum.

One Sydney brothel is offering an Apec special called The Presidential Platter, which apparently includes a variety of pleasures.

Then there is the United Nations option, which features escorts from a range of countries.

Regulated trade
Thousands of foreign delegates, journalists and other officials have begun arriving in Sydney. When the hard work is over, some may well have more on their mind than a trip to the zoo or Bondi beach.

The big question that prospective brothel clients from overseas have been asking is not about the price but how discreet a visit could be during this high-profile international conference.

A brothel industry spokesman said complimentary services would not be available but suggested that there might be an Apec discount.

With business set to boom, many of Sydney's most popular sex workers will be on duty during a special public holiday, which will coincide with the meeting of Apec's 21 leaders.

The city's brothels and massage parlours enjoyed a surge in patronage during the Olympic Games seven years ago.

The sex trade is legal under certain conditions in New South Wales and is closely regulated. Employees are often required to undergo regular health checks.