Australia: Cadbury Schweppes' Solo taken to book for sexist ads during Test Cricket telecast Print E-mail

The Age ~~ Melbourne ~~ Thursday November 22 2007

It's just not cricket

I PLAYED cricket when I was young (opening batswoman and first slip) and still enjoy watching cricket on television. The Test series with Sri Lanka has been great, except for some ads [see HERE) that were in glaring bad taste, blatantly sexist and not in the least bit funny. Even the men with whom I watched some of the cricket were taken aback by the "drink for mankind" ads! In case you missed them, a fellow is frightened by a spider and instantly sprouts breasts. Wrestling a shark into his kitchen does not remove the breasts … but drinking a can of Solo does.

Such ads are sexist, discriminatory and only encourage a misguided and unjustified view of women's place in society. Couldn't we establish some basic criteria that would abolish such discriminatory ads in this country? It's been done in other parts of the world, such as America and the United Kingdom.

Anne S. Walker, Carlton 

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