Dear Friends,
I called Nancy Borroughs of WMW in Qubec to let her know that I wished
to help spread the word on the actions underway (see below). She sent
me what follows.Please do
participate in this global initiative. Kindly spread it forward to all
grass-roots women organizers you know who are doing any work at all with women
and children/youth in their community/in the world.

For WILPF women, April 28, 2005 (the day WMW enters the USA in its 2005
global relay) is most special because it is, to  the date, the 90th
anniversary of WILPF's founding conference in 1915 at the Hague.

I am requesting all women who receive this message, first, second, or
third hand, to kindly inform me such that we may build a nation-wide
women's network to help build a visible women's presence at the USA Social
Forum, presently under consideration.

Best Wishes, Premilla Dixit, WILPF NY Metro


Dear friends of the World March of Women in the U.S.,
Thousands of women are celebrating the passage of the Women's Global
Charter for Humanity through their country. They numbered nearly 40,000
in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on March 8, 2005, for the launch of
the Charter and the Relay through the Americas. Another 3000 women were
present when the Charter crossed the border into Argentina and
continued through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Haiti, Cuba and

At every stop, women organize actions to present and distribute the
Charter and transmit it to decision-makers. In every country women also
create a quilt square representing the values of the Charter that they
then attach to an international solidarity quilt.

The Charter has just left El Salvador and has begun its journey through
Mexico (April 21-27) and will be in the United States April 27-30
before entering Canada (with an action at the Washington, British Columbia
border near Seattle and Vancouver). It will travel through the
English-speaking provinces of Canada until it reaches Québec on May 7, 2005.
Québec women will send the Charter to women in Turkey, which is the
starting point of the European Relay. The Relay will end on October 17, 2005,
in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. On that date, members of the March will
hold 24 Hours of Feminist Solidarity.

In the United States the Charter and quilt will enter the U.S. at the
El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border on April 27th and will travel from Texas to
Seattle.  During that same time, at a national event held in Washington
D.C. of U.S. women in solidarity with Cuba, educational activities
around the Charter will take place and the U.S. square of the quilt will be

Call to U.S. women to organize and initiate activities April 27-30 :
groups all throughout the U.S. are invited to incorporate the Women's
Global Charter for Humanity into activities that you are holding during
the dates when the relay will be in the U.S. As well as events you might
already have planned, you are encouraged to oranize activities to
highlight the Charter's passage through the U.S. (from a lunch hour
discussion at your work place to a March throughout the streets of your

Please send any information about the events that you are holding to
Brigitte Verdière, Communications Officer at  
so that we can spread the news on our

The Women's Global Charter for Humanity

You will find enclosed a version of the Women's Global Charter for
Humanity.  Delegates of the World March of Women who were gathered in
Kigali, Rwanda, adopted the Charter on December 10, 2004. The Women's Global
Charter for Humanity is a proposal to build a world where exploitation,
oppression, intolerance and exclusion no longer exist and where
integrity, diversity and the rights and freedoms of all are respected. It
contains 31 affirmations describing the principles essential to the
construction of such a world. These affirmations are based on five values:
equality, freedom, solidarity, justice and peace.

A wealth of information and photos can be found in the special 2005
section of the World March of Women Web site:
Much other valuable information can be found on our web site:  

The World March of Women is a global feminist action network made up of
6000 women's groups from 163 countries and territories. The World March
of Women is struggling for an end to poverty and violence against
women.  If you would like to join the March please send us back the enclosed
sign-up coupon.