Benedict XVI: Despite Church's role in abuse of First Australians, WYD arrival for whites-only Print E-mail
 Monday July 14 2008

Pope Arrives in Australia without Indigenous Welcome

No Aboriginal Australians were present at the whites-only reception of the Catholic Pope in Sydney yesterday.

( -- After a 20-hour flight and good sleep in his special Alitalia aircraft bed, and a stop over in Darwin, the Roman Catholic Pope landed in Sydney, Australia.

He was received by the settler-colonial regime's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, the unpopular new South Wales premier Morris Iemma, the leading Catholic elite and other alien dignitaries.

The world's oldest people, the Australian Aboriginals, and original inhabitants of Australia, were absent from the reception. The Catholic Church was responsible for much of the abuse experienced by black Australians.

The Pope arrived amid renewed uproar over lies told by the Church's local elite concerning knowledge of homosexual abuse of children by a Catholic priest in Australia.

The Pope arrived amid renewed uproar over lies told by the Church's local elite concerning knowledge of homosexual abuse of children by a Catholic priest in Australia.

The expected numbers of spectators of the Pope's visit to attend and address the Catholic 'world youth day 2008' in Sydney have been constantly downsized from two million to half a million and today revised to 400,000.

Real numbers expected to turn out are 200,000 or less, but the government of Morris Iemma is keen to exaggerate the numbers to show case Sydney's further ability to host large international events.

Insulting Catholics with verbal or other abuse has also been sought to be made illegal by the Iemma regime, in an era of increasing assaults on human rights and freedoms and widening of government interventions into private lives in Australia.

Many happy young Christians from around Australia and the world have arrived in Sydney to attend the events and line streets to welcome the Pope, singing and dancing.

The coming days will reveal to what extent the Pope will address the suffering of countless millions in Africa and Asia under Anglo-American wars and occupations as well as brutal assaults against nature, bio-diversity, environment, health, democracy, human rights and freedom.

These assaults against every moral teaching and principle of Christ are being actively assisted by the Australian regime which hosts US military spy and communications bases used to facilitate these crimes against humanity and all future life.

Assorted communists, homosexuals, pro-death and nihilistic groups as well as other fringe activists have mounted various protests and media stunts for the occasion.

The event is believed by Mathaba analysts to be the last world youth day opportunity for the Pope to call for the criminalisation of war, and frankenstein science, and a stand against greed, immorality and blindness by the world youth to reality, if the major disasters predicted for the coming year are to be averted.

The lifting of blindness would however require a direct non-ambiguous denunciation of the United States of America in particular for its outstanding achievements in dwarfing all other nations of the world in militarisation, waste, pollution, violence, aggression, torture, economic melt-down, media propaganda lies and weapons of mass destruction.

Millions are hoping the Pope will be forthright in the required truth-telling to power if sufficient numbers of people are to be alerted to the dangers and called upon to oppose manifestations of Satan as per the example of Christ and other Holy Prophets of God.