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Tuesday October 6 2009

The Global Crisis: Feminist Analysis and Information

The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) is delighted to announce the launch of a new area of our website dedicated to bringing you the latest information on current systemic crisis from a women’s rights perspective.

The interlocking of the financial crisis, a global economic recession, the devastating effects of climate change and a deepening food and energy crisis represent the most significant shift in the global political context since the beginning of the century. Faced with these challenges, it has never been more important for women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements to work together and with actors from other social movements to promote responses to the crisis that put human rights, and women’s rights in particular, at the core.

AWID, along with other women’s rights and civil society organizations, recognizes that the actors who are defining the solutions to the global crisis are primarily the same actors who produced the crisis in the first place. Responses to the crisis must involve a substantial rethinking of the role of the state, the role of the market and be people-centered and environmentally sustainable. They must ensure that decision making processes are inclusive, sustainable and responsive to the needs of citizens and the fulfillment of human rights for all.

Whilst the crisis represents an opportunity to bring new voices to the table and develop alternatives and innovative approaches to development, the challenge of transforming the international financial system and predominant economic model remains huge.

AWID hopes the new web area - Global Crisis: Feminist Analysis and Information - will support the work of women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements to face this huge challenge through the provision of accessible and timely information on:
  • The latest news, analysis and interviews exploring the impact of the current global crisis on women worldwide HERE
  • The responses to the crisis by AWID and other women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements as well as key actors from other social movements and mainstream development institutions HERE
  • Take Action: How you can participate in responding to the crisis HERE

Coming soon in Spanish and French!