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Posted by  Loretta Kemsley

Reflecting on Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation reminds me how the
Internet has brought us close to her vision of women working together
worldwide to end war and cruelty. War is  still the inspiration for
many international women's movements--general congresses of women
without limit of nationality.

If ever the world sees a time when women shall come together purely
and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a power such as the
world has never known. ~Matthew Arnold, British poet (1822-1888)

"If our beautiful mother -- this beautiful planet and all her
children -- are to survive and thrive, these may be our marching
orders." ~
Jean Shinoda Bolen

"To survive in the world ... we must learn to think in a new way.  As
never before, the future of each depends on the goodness of all."
~Nobel Laureates, Nobel Peace Prize Centennial Symposium, December 6,

UN Women Watch

Via Women Watch, I've been privileged to be a participant in several
United Nations and World Bank discussion groups, including Global
Knowledge Development, End Violence, UNIFEM, GenderTech and the
Beijing Plus 5 policy workshops.

The Feminist Peace Network

The Feminist Peace Network is dedicated to building an enduring
peace, with the ending of violence towards women and children as a
first priority. This group is dedicated to the urgent need to
immediately work towards providing shelter, food, education, and a
safe environment for women and children in all parts of the world, as
well as creating economic conditions to ensure these rights in the
future. A strong bias towards matriarchal thinking is assumed.

The Global Sisterhood Network

Welcome to the domain of the Global Sisterhood Network [GSN],a natural
growth from the shoots of many other projects spanning the years.

Founded in 1996, the Global Sisterhood Network largely consists of feminists
from around the world who work hand-in-hand, irrespective of class,colour or
creed, in a collaborative effort to create improved lives for women.

GSN operates at several levels. In the main as an information resource
centre which monitors media and institutional reports of emerging
developments in agriculture, economics, employment, environment, health,
law, militarism, politics, technology, trade and science which either
directly and indirectly impact on the realities of women's lives. To meet
this goal, GSN's electronic list  places considerable emphasis on issues
have which attracted sparse attention and/or analysis from a feminist

GSN's electronic list archives are located here and consist of in excess of
30,000 messages from a global community of feminists.In addition to being an
invaluable resource centre,GSN's archives confront the intense struggle
which lies ahead in today's climates of feminized poverty,and military,
domestic,cultural and communal violence against women,as the world spirals
backwards into the fascism which created cultures of hatred and major
conflict in the previous century.

The GSN Domain features previous online resources that include links to
Friends Of GSN
and has many new features including; the GSN Discussion Forum, a place
where all are welcome to share their takes on any theme; the GSN Public
Filebase [please contact Sadie at  < > if you
would like to publish your work here]; a GSN Blog  which is a place to
freely jot down thoughts and global concerns as they come to mind; and
Campaign and Upcoming Events Alerts, News Bulletins, News Feeds, various
other links, and other constantly-changing and refreshing dynamic content.

Women In Black

Women in Black is a world-wide network of women committed to peace
with justice and actively opposed to injustice, war, militarism and
other forms of violence. As women experiencing these things in
different ways in different regions of the world, we support each
other's movements. An important focus is challenging the militarist
policies of our own governments. We are not an organisation, but a
means of communicating and a formula for action.

Gather The Women

The Gather The Women Global Matrix is a gathering place for women and
women's organizations who share a belief that the time is now to
activate the incredible power of women's wisdom on a planetary scale.
Gather the Women is a place where new models of feminine
collaboration are being born.


This is a time of rapid change and growth, a time when the old
paradigms are evolving into new models of collaborative relationship.
We are all being asked to remain flexible and to rely upon faith as
we face change on every level of our personal and professional lives.
Women of Vision and Action has been experiencing this
transformational energy as well.


The qualities of nurturing, kindness, caring, dignity, integrity, and
loving one another are innate in both women and men. Our cultures
have ignored the value of these qualities and have attributed them
primarily to women. Therefore it is time for women to come forward
with these qualities that they know and live so well. Women
contribute fully 2/3 of the work in the world. Women constitute over
51% of the population. What an impact we can have if we all think
peace together, be peace together and act peace together on the same

Womens Perspective

Women's Perspective is a nonprofit organization based in Fairfield,
CT. It is committed to educating women about money in a new and
freeing way. The goal of Women's Perspective is to enable women to
experience the significant transformation that comes from integrating
their economic power with their spiritual power.

Womens Global Connection

Women's Global Connection new and evolving web site is a virtual
gathering place for women from all around the globe to meet, exchange
insights and experiences, and learn from one another...about our
various cultures...our wisdom traditions and spiritual practices...
about women's leadership...work and family...poetry and art...about
changing our perspectives and healing our world...about transforming
our lives and the societies we live in.

The question of whether to include men in a broader version  of these organizations--to "extend more generally to a congress without limit."--is being discussed on Cynthia Cockburn's
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