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Empowering women to Lead the Way in Climate Change Action

“The issue of climate change is not about belief but science. The scientific community has reached a strong consensus regarding the science of global climate change. The overwhelming majority of climate scientists believe the warming of the earth is unequivocal.”

The Honourable Ms Eileen Claussen, President of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change and Strategies for the Global Environment began her interview with this statement on CLW’s virtual multi-disciplinary Expert Panel on Climate Change.

Panelist Member, Eva Cox AO, who is a Sociologist, Political Adviser and Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development in Australia stated:

“I do believe in human contribution to climate change because there is evidence enough that we are producing toxic excesses. We need to adopt the precautionary principle, not absolute proof because it is sensible to look at high probabilities and act on them.”

To mark the Centenary of International Women’s Day in 2011, CLW aims to empower women to lead the way in tackling climate change action.

Through considering the science, government policies, best practice initiatives from individuals in Australia and abroad who are at the forefront of climate change research, analysis and policy making, CLW’s international multi-disciplinary Panel will empower women to develop an informed understanding of climate change and the reasons for action at a personal, social and political level.
Panelists also include:

§ Professor Steve Williams, Director of the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change, James Cook University, Australia
§ Victoria Johnson, Acting Director of nef Climate Change & Energy Programme, UK
§ Dr Andrew Ash, Director, Climate Adaptation Flagship, CSIRO, Australia
§ Steve Andrews, CEO, SolarAid, UK
§ Giselle Wilkinson, President, Sustainable Living Foundation, Australia
§ Ian Dunlop, Chairman of Safe Climate Australia & Deputy Convenor of the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil

As the Australian Parliament resumes debating the need for action on climate change, CLW invites women to influence action on climate change from an informed stand point of the scientific and moral imperatives for action and the solutions available to us to solve it.

You can access CLW's current update HERE

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