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 Melbourne ~ Monday February 13 2012
Letter to the Editor

No laughing matter

WE COULD not agree more with Keith Fagg (Letters, 11/2) about the central theme of Yes, Prime Minister being unfunny and troubling. We went to see this play last evening, looking forward to a fun evening of laughs at a much-beloved political satire from the past. The acting and sets were wonderful, but to use under-age sex trafficking as the major laugh-line was beyond understanding and undermined any possibility of enjoying the show. We have been involved in fighting the exploitation and violation of the rights of women and children in many parts of the world. These issues are definitely not fodder for a comedy show.

Anne Walker, AM, and Elizabeth Carew-Reid, OAM, Carlton

  Sieben schwarze Rosen


Years ago Nana Mouskouri appeared at the Merv Griffith Show, and was asked by him what languages she sings. When she mentioned German, he made fun of it plus made a very disparaging remark. She just looked at him, said that the German language is the most poetic language in the world, and walked off the stage....