Bangladesh: Copy cats of “Delhi Bus Rapists” stir call for upholding dignity & security of women Print E-mail

 Bangladesh ~ Sunday January 27 2013

Rape trend gets vicious

Deterrent punishment to perpetrators is the answer

On the heels of gang rape of teenage girls in Tangail and Savar, we are now flabbergasted at the horrendous incident of rape on a moving bus in Manikganj on Thursday. The victim, an 18-year old female garment worker, was violated on the rear seat of the bus as the driver and his helper raped her.

It almost appears that the rapists may have had the hang of the dastardly gang rape of a physiotherapist student on a moving bus recently in New Delhi. She succumbed to her fatal injuries, the shockwaves rocking the whole world. Rather than taking any message from the stupendous public outrage over that incident and the prompt reaching of the law's arm to the perpetrators, the Bangladeshi driver and helper straight facedly committed the abominable crime.

Thankfully though, like in the cases of Tangail and Savar rapes, in Manikganj too, police have promptly arrested the rapists.

What is now awaited is speedy trial and handing the convictions to the perpetrators at the earliest. Any dilly-dally in handling such perversities can only give them a leeway for complicating the cases to a point where they may slip through the fingers of law. It is crucially important that they are made examples of how severe a punishment they have been meted out. Absence of conviction has been one major reason why incidence of sexual harassment and rape is on the rise.

It is disconcerting to note that rapes which are the worst manifestation of cruelty and brutalisation against women have not yet aroused the level of public contempt this should have. The national outrage in India burst into a crescendo as the media, civil society, all manner of political and social leaderships condemned the Delhi incident.

We believe it is high time that the civil society, social think-tanks and rights activist groups and the media, particularly the electronic media in Bangladesh made a common cause of upholding dignity and security of women.

This should lead to galvanising the whole communities behind the cause and build effective resistance against the heinous crime.