IWD 2005: A Mia Friedrich-Wulff, alias Claire Nolen, Licht Gespinst, cyra_song, labruja poster Print E-mail

............ halting  the Violence against Women and Mother Earth, and creating Pathways towards Peace



The background art for the Melbourne International Women's Day's poster was created by Germany's Mia Friedrich [scroll down for updated information regarding Frau Friedrich]

Feel welcome to print or download the poster for use on your own websites as a means of celebrating women's lives, halting the violence against women and mother Earth, and creating pathways towards peace on March 8 2005

In sisterhood and feminist friendship - Lynette

WARNING REGARDING Mia Friedrich, alias Claire Nolen,  Licht Gespinst, cyra_song, labruja, Michaella Wülff

Until her exit from Canada and relocation in the Canary Islands in mid-2007, Mia Friedrich resided at 3166 Perth Road, Staffa, Ontario, from where in March 2006, two months after she had been exposed for her untruthful and shameless slander of GSN's founder and director via the German-based fotocommunity, she assumed the alias name of Claire Nolen and began publishing various works at sites named "Claire Nolen's Studio" and "photo-based art claire nolen".  In May 2006, initially under the alias of Claire Nolen, Mia Friedrich commenced, via "A S T R 0 D R A M A -  your life on stage", offering telephone and online counselling at $60 per 45 minutes, and also online courses at  $75 and $100 which claim to put clients in touch with their "undiscovered un-enlightened potential".

From June 2006, digital photos, a number identical with those formerly published in the name of Mia Friedrich at Photomystica Fine Art Photagraphy and Photos: Mia F, and available for sale at HOTEL ART GALLERY, were made available for purchase at a site bearing the name floramystica Claire Nolen. By September of 2006 Frau Friedrich's photographs appeared at further sites, including a live journal site named "lichtgespinst", and at the German-based fotocommunity.com using the same alias Licht Gespinst, shortly after which, on October 24, the Claire Nolen Studio site was deleted. By April 2007 she commenced publishing her photographs via Flickr using a further alias cyra_song; from September of 2007 until late March of 2008, Frau Friedrich appeared devoid of her clothes in "the name of art", and with a fair dose of sunburn, at a further Flickr site linked with her latest venture on Gran Cranaria; and by December 2007 she had resumed, albeit in non-naked mode, her activities at fotocommunity.com using the further alias of "labruja" [the witch]. In 2008-2009, her digital photographs are offered for sale under the name she originally provided to us at GSN, namely Mia Friedrich, at AllPosters.com , while she is also publishing work at a site called bildgedichte ["picture poems", © mia friedrich 2008]

In addition to her Claire Nolen, Licht Gespinst, cyra_song and labruja aliases, GSN has also been informed that Mia Friedrich was previously known as Michaela Wülff.

GSN sincerely regrets our misplaced trust and association with a photographer who turned out to have a lengthy record of preying on unsuspecting women via cyberspace and newspaper advertisments, and who  takes cover under fake identities, but please note that GSN no longer has any connection with Mia Friedrich, nor has GSN ever been associated with a Claire Nolen or Licht Gespinst enterprise. Rather, GSN apologises for promoting Mia Friedrich in feminist circles and wishes to be totally distanced from the delivery of any of her services, particularly her counselling sessions, as we have been unable to corroborate her claims about her professional qualifications, nor her claims of being an environmental and anti-war activist in Germany, although we have been informed by reliable sources that her claims to psychic, mystic, and healing powers are figments of her imagination which she uses to seduce potential victims via the internet.