India: Time to treat arrogant male defiance of gender-sensitive rape & abduction Laws as terrorism Print E-mail
 Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Gender anarchy

Treat abductors as terrorists

There is an uncanny feeling that since the laws have been made gender-sensitive, atrocities on women have grown manifold. The paradox of the ongoing discourse on women empowerment has become obvious even to the blind. The daring arrogance of the law-breakers now throws up a new challenge for the entire law-enforcing machinery. On the one hand, gender sensitive laws are framed and need to be implemented to help democracy take its true shape, on the other hand, young women are abducted in broad daylight from highways, are forced into marriages, raped and maimed, proving that molesters and rapists in this country care two hoots for the law. If this is not anarchy, what else would be?

The situation is not going to change unless some kind of semblance is achieved in women’s status in their public and private spheres. As long as women are not given their due within the four walls of their homes, their status in the public sphere will remain dependent on the law for their safety and security. That women are not only sex objects but have the equal right to share all other social, economic and political spaces need to be drilled in the minds of macho men, who want to enjoy the fruits of democracy along with eating the rotten fruit of patriarchy. The two cannot be digested together.

It calls for a change at deeper social and psychological levels in the way masculinity is perceived. It needs to come through a paradigm shift in the gender roles. As long as men will bloat in their ignorance-pumped arrogance of muscle power, and will harbour a conceited belief that a woman’s place can be shown by physically harming her ­ by abduction, molestation or rape ­ women will depend on law enforcers, who unfortunately come from the same stock. Till the men of this land undergo a change of mind, all the acts of abduction, molestation and rape should be treated like acts of terrorism against fellow citizens unsparingly.