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January 2017
Women, Law and Culture - Conformity, Contradiction and Conflict by Jocelynne A. Scutt (Editor)
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Crime and Society
Critical Criminology
Criminological Theory
Gender Studies
Ethnicity Studies
Criminal Law


Jocelynne A. Scutt is a Barrister and Human Rights Lawyer, member of the Inner Temple (London) and Victorian Bar (Melbourne), and Visiting Professor and Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Buckingham, UK, where she teaches Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, and Sex, Gender and Minorities in Law.

This book explores cultural constructs, societal demands and political and philosophical underpinnings that position women in the world. It illustrates the way culture controls women's place in the world and how cultural constraints are not limited to any one culture, country, ethnicity, race, class or status. Written by scholars from a wide range of specialists in law, sociology, anthropology, popular and cultural studies, history, communications, film and sex and gender, this study provides an authoritative take on different cultures, cultural demands and constraints, contradictions and requirements for conformity generating conflict.

Women, Law and Culture is distinctive because it recognises that no particular culture singles out women for 'special' treatment, rules and requirements; rather, all do. Highlighting the way law and culture are intimately intertwined, impacting on women - whatever their country and social and economic status - this book will be of great interest to scholars of law, women’s and gender studies and media studies.

Introduction – Jocelynne A. Scutt

Part I
Identity & Representation
1.       Robin Joyce, ‘It’s Time to Go’ ‘You’re Fired – Australian Big Brother (2005) and Britain’s The Apprentice (2014)
2.       Anna Morcom, Modern Laws, Human Rights and Marginalisation of Courtesan and Transgender Performers in India
3.       Susan SM Edwards, Targeting Muslims Through Women’s Dress – The Niqab and the Psychological War Against Muslims
4.       Nahda Shehada, The Asymmetrical Representation of Gender in Islamic Family Law
5.       Shadia Edwards-Dashti, War, Conflict and Gender Ideologies – Middle Eastern Images and Realities

Part II
Place & Space
6.       Karen Buczynski-Lee, Woman as Cabbage to Women as Prime Ministers and Presidents – Demanding Women’s Rightful Space in the Film & Television Industry
7.       Gisele Yasmeen, Accessing Urban Public Space for a Livelihood – India, Thailand and Philippines in Comparative Perspective
8.       Greta Bird & Jo Bird, ‘No Place Like Home’ – The Human Rights of Women in Aged-Care
9.       Amy Gaudion, Defending Your Country … and Gender – Legal Challenges and Opportunities Confronting Women in the Military
10.   Pragna Patel, ‘No Place for a Woman’ – Harmful Practices, Religion and State Responses

Part II
Bodily & Psychic Integrity
11.   Patmalar Ambikapathy Thuraisingham, ‘For the Husband is the Head of the Wife’: Ephesians 5 – Sustaining Violence Against Women – Past and Present, Law and Culture
12.   Cathryn Goodchild, ‘Why Does He Abuse? Why Does She Stay?’ – Social and Cultural Roots of Domestic Abuse
13.   Lynette Dumble, Commodification of Women and Girls at Home – The Festering of India’s Male Violence
14.   Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald, Seeking Equality – Justice and Women’s and Girls Right not to be Subjected to Non-State Torture

Conclusion –
Up From Under – Women, Law, Culture - Jocelynne A. Scutt