Militarism and the Culture of Violence Print E-mail

World Tribunal of Iraq Istanbul, Turkey 25 June 2005
Sixth Session / Global Security Environment and Future Alternatives (Moderator: AyÅŸe Gül Altınay)
Militarism and the Culture of Violence
by AyÅŸe Gül Altınay
In 1905, Tolstoy likened military service to slavery, which, according to him, "for the degree of degradation and loss of will cannot be compared with any of the ancient conditions of slavery." The coming century was one of wars and war preparation, leading to the normalization of violence. This presentation will explore the mechanisms through which compulsory military service and militarization have come to define "the national order of things", making Tolstoy an even more radical thinker 100 years into the above utterance. How can we undo the cultures of violence and militarization that continue to define our realities today? The presentation will discuss the implications of this question in relation to the war in Iraq.
About the author:
Doctor of Cultural Anthropology at Sabanc University. She works on militarism, nationalism and gender, and has been active in the antiwar and antimilitarist movement in Turkey. She has two books to her name: Homeland, Nation, Women (ed.) and The Myth of the Military-Nation.