Gender and War:The Plight of Iraqi Women Print E-mail
World Tribunal of Iraq Istanbul, Turkey 25 June 2005
Sixth Session / Global Security Environment and Future Alternatives (Moderator: AyÅŸe Gül Altınay)

Gender and War:The Plight of Iraqi Women by Nadje Al-Ali

This presentation will provide an overview about the drastic changes in gender ideologies and gender relations in Iraq during the past three decades with a special focus on the way Iraqi women have been affected by the recent war and occupation. It will start with a brief theoretical discussion about gender specific issues pertaining to war, conflict and occupation, then move to provide a historical background in terms of Iraqi women?s position in society, education, labour force participation and political involvement as well as wider gender ideologies and relations. The changes related to the initial inclusionary policies of the Baath regime and the shift to more discriminatory policies and state discourses, the impact of the Iran-Iraq war and economic sanctions will be analyzed in this context. Nadje Al-Ali will claim that women might be the biggest losers in the current political climate.
About the author:
A social anthropologist of Iraqi origin and senior lecturer at the University of Exeter, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies. She is specialized in women and gender issues in the Middle East and has been working on the impact of war and economic sanctions on women in Iraq. She is also a founding member of Act Together: Women's Action on Iraq and a member of Women in Black UK. Recently, she has been commissioned by Zed Publishers to write a book on the modern history of Iraqi women from the 1950s to today.