Filmmakers Against War: New - The Unwelcome Visitor Print E-mail

Updated with a fantastic new film called 'The Unwelcome Visitor'.

Directed by Jolyon Rubinstein, this documentary has contributions from
Tony Benn, George Galloway, Caroline Lucas, John Reese, Linsey German, Ron
Kovie, Chris Harman and many others.  It is 15 mins long so does take a wee while to dowmload, but it's worth it.

Also we have a screening in West London next thursday with London indymedia, again, info is on the front page.

We are having the next organising meeting on MONDAY 12th SEPTEMBER.
It's open to all who want to get involved so do all come along
VENUE : The Cobden Arms, 28 Camden High street,  (nearest underground Mornington Crescent, or Camden )

Also we have been asked to once again film the Iraq Occupation Focus 'Teach In' in London ULU in November, so we are looking for as many people who can volunteer for filming on sat 26th November. Last year was very
inspirational with speakers coming from the UK, Iraq and America. This year I think most are coming from Iraq.