Giuliana:To Murder Her Is To Silence The Truth Print E-mail
Giuliana herself pleaded that her work to expose the Truth behind the Occupation of Iraq be brought to the World's attention.
Here is a woman who placed herself unprotected into the firing line to inform us of the disturbing realities faced by Iraqis in the wake of Bush et al's continuing Genocide.

This video from Il Manifesto is a prettied-up face of The Truth-presented in a format respectful of Western sensibilities.Nonetheless,it shows us Giuliana was there.She has seen so much.She has so much more to tell.

Killing Giuliana would be the Invading Forces' ultimate fantasy come true.To the group holding Giuliana-I would ask that you consider this.
Perhaps you despise her simply because she is a Westerner,and therefore guilty.Unfortunately,that is the very reason we pay attention to her reports.
Murdering her is killing your own voice.
I believe in your hearts that you know this.You also know she is a true friend to the Iraqi people-this is the reason your group is being dismissed as belonging to Psy-Ops.