Melbourne, November 28: Peace Activist Reta Kaur on Trial - War Criminals Free Print E-mail

Reta Kaur protesting against the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, all wars, terrorism, and our civilised inhumanity
People for Peace,
Peace Activist on Trial - War Criminals Free
Please distribute this email to all your networks and contacts as we need to fill the court for my trial.  The trial is criminalisation of peaceful dissent against war.
Details of the case:
Date: Monday, 28 November 05 to 2 December 05, from 10am daily. Five days have been allocated for my trial at tax payers' expense. The police have stacked up 9 police and 4 Shrine employees as witnesses to absolutely blow out the trial so it runs for 5 days. 
Where:  Magistrate's court corner of William and Lonsdale Street, close to Flagstaff train station.
Charges: Trespass and resist arrest at the Shrine on Remembrance Day 11/11/03.
I am representing myself as no pro bono lawyers have come forward to support me with this case.  I'm shocked at the indifference of the legal profession and their charges of between $1500 to $2000 a day. 
The Facts: 7 women went to The Shrine on Remembrance Day 03 to have a silent, peaceful vigil for "No more wars, and peace in the 21st-century.  The police set us up, wouldn't allow us to be there, told us to move off the grounds.  I was arrested.  Another woman was assaulted by a digger, and the police refused to charge him.
We can trespass in Afghanistan and Iraq, kill thousands of people, destroy those countries, plunder their wealth, rape their women, kill their children.  But when women or Scott Parkin protest at the carnage of war, our peace actions are criminalised.  I will plead not guilty, advocate my case as best as I can, and use the opportunity to speak against our government of war criminals.  We now have anti-terror legislation.  It is also time for anti-war legislation, particularly after the 2 world wars, and many others in the 20th-century.  The people of the world demand that the 21-century be dedicated to peace & justice.  Demand anti-war legislation now.  Put this as a slogan on every email you send out.  Let us make this a slogan for peace in the 21st-century. Ban Wars, Peace in the 21-century.
Please come and fill the court.  Our solidarity is our only protection.  Visit our website: for more information.  Tel: 93861071
I am inspired by Rosa Parks and the power of the word "NO".  A friend also sent this quote from Rudyard Kipling who only opposed war when his own son was killed:
"If any question why we died,
Tell them, because our fathers lied."
Add also, "Tell them, because our politicians lied."
The curse of war must be addressed by us in our lifetime.  We cannot pass this curse on to our children, as was done to us.  The power is with us.  Please don't give it away.
Reta Kaur
Women for Peace: No Weapons No Wars