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 Women Say NO to War!
We at CODEPINK, together with 200 prominent women from around the globe, have written our own Urgent Peace Plan to end the war in Iraq. From now until March 8, International Women’s Day, we will be gathering signatures to deliver to U.S. embassies worldwide. So join Alice Walker, Susan Sarandon, Margaret Cho, Dolores Huerta, Eve Ensler, Congresswomen Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, and Cynthia McKinney, Iraqi women from the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq and Women Living Under Muslim Laws, and many more (see initial endorsers) by signing the call today at and passing it on to your friends..

Sign the Call Now! Firme la llamada! Signez l'appel! Firma l'appello!

Join Code Pink's Global Call for Peace by completing the form and clicking the 'Sign now!' button below the Call.
Men in solidarity with 'WOMEN SAY NO TO WAR' are invited to join us by signing the call and participating in March 8 events.
By signing here, I am uniting with women everwhere to call for peace and end the war in Iraq.