London: An angel of mercy for the October 8 Pakistan-India quake victims Print E-mail

The News International  -- Pakistan February 7, 2006 Tuesday Muharram 8, 1427

Anonymous woman donates £50,000 for quake victims

LONDON: A woman donor has donated an astonishing amount of £50,000 to help victims of the October 8 earthquake in Pakistan after reading in newspaper ‘Bucks Free Press’ about the efforts of the Wycombe charity ‘Five Pillars’.

The woman, who requested anonymity, approached the charity run by High Wycombe magistrate and businessman Arif Husain, after obtaining his telephone number from the newspaper early in January.

The Bucks Free Press had been appealing for donations which are passed on to ‘Five Pillars’.

The woman spoke to Arif Husain again two weeks ago, before the cheque arrived. She asked Husain if he knew how much the cheque would be for. Husain said: "I told her it did not matter. Anything she could give would be gratefully received. Then she told me it was for £50,000. I felt so emotional that I cried."