UK: Govt to contribute £3m over next two years to the IPPF safe abortion programme Print E-mail
2006; 332:322 (11 February)
News roundup

UK defies US by funding abortion programmes

London Lynn Eaton

The UK government is to contribute £3m ($5.3m; €4.4m) over the next two years to the global safe abortion programme.

The programme, developed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, aims to help meet an internationally agreed target to reduce mortality among mothers in many of the world’s poorest countries. It will help member associations do more to stop unsafe abortions as well as help halt the decline in family planning and reproductive services in some countries, such as Peru.

The UK government’s contribution flies in the face of restrictions introduced by the US government on funding of such organisations. The US’s “global gag rule” prevents federal funding of any organisation that is involved in work promoting or discussing safe abortion services, even when that work is funded from non-US sources. The rule even applies to organisations working in countries where abortions are legally available. Organisations that refuse . . . [The full text of this article is only available by payment of fee to the BMJ, but for more on this subject see item]