SAGE: Genetic Engineering industry's Terminator = "US's ultimate agricultural WMD" Print E-mail

 killing the freedom of seed saving practices of farmers in India - P.V. Satheesh, March 16 2006



 Friday, March 17, 2006

‘Terminator’ worries SAGE

Hyderabad, March 16: The South Against Genetic Engineering (SAGE), an umbrella of 50 scientific and farmer organisations, has expressed concern over the possible entry of “Terminator Technology” into Indian fields in the wake of the recent Indo-US agricultural agreements. Sage convener P.V. Satheesh described “Terminator Technology” as “the US’ ultimate agricultural WMD.”

The US is aggressively pushing its genetic engineering industry all over the world. India is its latest willing victim, he said.  He appealed to the Centre to act against the threat of “Terminator Seeds.”. Terminator, the popular terminology used to describe Genetic Use Restriction Technology is killing the freedom of seed saving practices of farmers in India.