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Learn of the plight of our Afghan sisters & brothers from the headlines of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

towards Global Sisterhood Network operations and to support feminist struggles in South Asia and the Middle East

Conferences for Feminists 2017

 Women In War Conference Odessa 2017: Women and men experiencing revolutionary change 1917-2017

For the Feminist Bookshelf 2016-2017

Women, Law and Culture - Conformity, Contradiction and Conflict by Jocelynne Scutt (Editor)

  Surviving burns with care: A gender-based analysis of burns epidemiology in Bengaluru and challenges to the health system by Sochara and Vimochana

The State of Female Foeticide in Uttarakhand by Asian Centre for Human Rights

Female Infanticide Worldwide: The case for action by the UN Human Rights Council by Asian Centre for Human Rights

 Threadbare: Clothes, Sex, and Trafficking by Anne Elizabeth Moore & Co-feminist Artists

International Women's Day 2016-2017: A luta continua

Guatemala: After 40 teenage girls burnt to death on IWD, demands grow to end the impunity accorded their violent, often sexual, abuse

Saudi Arabia: Al Janadriyah festival on IWD lends focus to women's role and value in nation building

Global 2017: Fuck modesty to counter the religious-rights' misogyny which serves patriachy so well. Time to celebrate and honour the "bad" women, "immodest" women, "immoral" women who have refused to submit. Not just on 8 March but every day.

Global 2016: Zed Books Feminist Reading List of Inspiringly Dangerous Women 

India:  Feminisation of agriculture plagued by women's unfair wages, denial of credit, land rights, technology, market & irrigation facilities

Australia:  Gender pay gap begins in childhood, pay-secrecy widens the gap in the workplace

2015-2017 Feminist Cinema/Video/Exhibitions

Jackson - Mississippi's assault on the reproductive health of poor & coloured women by Maisie Crow

Parched, a meditation touching on marital rape & the treatment of women as objects of recreation & contempt by Leena Yadav

 Nenu Ame! (I am She!) A cry against marital rape by Soumya Bollapragada 

Freedom Matters: A documentary on the enormity of Human Trafficking Crimes by Pankhuri Agarwal

UK: Annie Leibovitz 16 Jan-7 Feb exhibition in London explores women of note as whole human beings

Kajarya: A feature film focusing on female foeticide by Madhureeta Anand 

Gramya Resource Centre for Women's strategies to avert "A World Without Her (The Girl Child)" in rural Telangana, India

 Prodigal Daughter - A Documentary and Reconciliation Story, produced and directed by Mabel Valdiviezo

 2015-2017 Analyses by Women of Substance

Making Music Out of the Post-Inaugural Blues by Betsy Hartmann

  Women's health programmes worldwide Trumped by Alaka M. Basu

Images Matter! Ditch the Demeaning Pink Pussy Hats! by Marie De Santis

Ten Ways to Build a Broad Progressive Movement against Trump by Betsy Hartmann

Shame on those cruelly mocking Domestic Violence & Racism victims as mere fodder for an "industry" by Anne Summers

  Monsanto & Co's Seeds are destroying biodiversity, & pushing farmers to suicide by Vandana Shiva

Farkhunda’s lynching in broad daylight illustrates a continuum of women's rights abuses in Afghanistan by Carol Mann

  GM Industry's legal constructs of personhood deny the common freedoms of democratic electorates by Vandana Shiva

 Feminist Treasures departing Mother Earth 2015-2016

Qandeel Baloch  Pakistan's unapologetic feminist, murdered for defying patriarchy  March 1 1990-  July 15 2016
Priscilla Kincaid-Smith: World-acclaimed nephrologist, and trailblazer for women November 30 1926-July 18 2015

Joan Kirner: First Woman Premier of Victoria, Forever a Feminist Inspiration. June 20 1938-June 1 2015                                                                                                        

2016-2017: Global Issues and Events related to Patriarchy and Misogyny

Read also Australia's contrast to Sweden & other wealthy nations: Foreign Aid getting chronically stingier

India: Dr Rukmini Rao laments the raw deal of women farmers at Women Farmers’ Rights Forum in Andhra Pradesh

Australia: For the first time in decades, Victorian women able to avoid running gauntlet of pro-life protesters

Afghanistan: Kerry Jane Wilson, dedicated hero empowering women for 2 decades, abducted in Jalalabad

Pakistan: Govt stoops to blaming women to duck blame for widespread death toll of children in Thar desert

Pakistan: Women & Girls reclaimjng ownership of public spaces via 'Feminism Over Chai'

Canada: Indian Immigrants maintain masculized sex ratio at birth, 4,472 'missing girls'

Australia:  Royal Commission's Face of Family Violence - 34 yr-old, unemployed, Australian born male

Australia: Girls too abused by infamous Ballarat paedophile Gerald Ridsdale & in turn failed by ex-housemate George Pell's support for Ridsdale

Australia: Sister Brigid Arthur continues to bravely defy Government's calculated cruelty towards refugees

 USA:   American College of Pediatricians warns of warns of HPV vaccine's questionable trials & 2 recent case report series of premature ovarian failure

India: Opposition from civil society, feminist groups & media editorials to mandatory sex determination approach to female foeticide - solitary thumbs up from the IMA